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the Competitive managing director MUP Dorozhnik , a member of NP SRO MTSPU (Organizer) informs on carrying out of sale by means of the public offer of property MUP Dorozhnik (Seller) to the address: 215010, Smolensk region Gagarin, street Meliorative, d. 11.

On sale the property is exposed: the Prize 1 - a warehouse building, obshch. Square of 293,2 sq. m, 1982 of construction. Nach. The price - 1 378 001 rbl. (from the VAT). the Prize 2 - a garage building on 8 boksov, obshch. Square of 679,5 sq. m, 1983 of construction. Nach. The price - 3 160 939 rbl. (from the VAT). the Prize 3 - a garage building on 5 boksov, obshch. Square of 525,5 sq. m, 1980 of construction. Nach. The price - 2 548 480 rbl. (from the VAT). the Prize 4 - a building bitumohranilishcha, obshch. Square of 69,6 sq. m, 1986 of construction. Nach. The price - 2 658 982 rbl. (from the VAT). the Prize 5 - tractor T - 40, gos. reg. A sign 8716 SK, 1991 of century; Tractor MTZ - 82, gos. reg. A sign 3753 SK, 1995 of century; and/ m GAS - 53, gos. reg. A sign 8486 SMP, 1989 of century; self-propelled chassis T - 16, gos. reg. A sign 8717 SK, 1991 of century Nach. The price - 217 408 rbl. (from the VAT). the Prize 6 - the computer, a table (4 pieces), a case platjanoj (3 pieces), a bookcase, chairs (2 pieces), bodies. The device (2 pieces) . Nach. The price - 11 792 rbl. (from the VAT). A site of prizes 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 - Pitches. Region, Gagarin, street Meliorative, d. 11. A site of a prize 4 - Pitches. Region, Gagarin, pr - t Industrial.

demands acceptance and documents is made in the working days from 10 o`clock. 00 minutes till 16 o`clock. 00 minutes also begin 07. 04 2010 the Period after which the initial price - consistently decreases 3 (three) working days.

size of decrease in the initial price: on Lota 1 - 124 000 rbl., 2 - 284 500 rbl., 3 - 229 500 rbl., 4 - 239 300 rbl., 5 - 17 600 rbl., 6 - 1 061 rbl.

property Floor price (the cutting off price): on the Prize 1 - 760 822 rbl., 2 - 1 745 216 rbl., 3 - 1 407 067 rbl., 4 - 1 468 077 rbl., 5 - 120 037 rbl., 6 - 6 511 rbl.

Giving of demands and documents, acquaintance of applicants with requirements to documents and with order of carrying out of sale by means of the public offer, with documents of property exposed on sale, definition of the winner is made to the address: 115280, Moscow, street Autofactory, d. 14/ 23, office 802. Inquiries on bodies. (495 234 - 76 - 11, 234 - 76 - 12.

the Order of registration of participation in sale: to participation in sale are supposed fiz. And jur. Persons, IP which can be recognised by buyers under the legislation of the Russian Federation, when due hereunder made an application on the form defined by the Organizer with the appendix of the documents specified in the report of information.

the applicant is obliged to present to the Organizer:

the demand under the form established by the Organizer on participation in property sale, in 2 - h copy; the inquiry on a source of means for prize acquisition; The consent about granting by the Organizer of the information in an order and the volumes established 115 - FZ; the inventory of the presented documents in 2 - h copy;

Besides, for jur. Persons: notarially certified copies of constituent documents, certificates about gos. Registration jur. Persons; an extract from EGRJUL with prescription of delivery no more than 30 days before application date; copies of the documents confirming powers of the applicant, assured by the press jur. Persons; in the cases provided by the law the written decision of controls of the applicant, resolving acquisition of property; the balance sheet for last accounting date with all appendices; the inquiry on absence on accounts of the applicant of the Card file 2; a certified card with samples of signatures of the persons who have signed the demand, or given out the power of attorney;

for fiz. Persons: a passport copy (the original is shown personally); Notarially certified consent of the spouse/ spouses on transaction fulfilment in the cases provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation; the certificate on statement on the tax account; the inquiry in the place of residence about absence reg. The account in psihonevrologich. And narkologich. lech. The establishment, given out not later than 30 days before representation;

for IP: an extract from EGRIP, with prescription of delivery no more than 30 days before date of giving of demands; the certificate on statement on the tax account; a passport copy (the original is shown personally).

In the demand the property price not below the initial price (the price of the initial offer), or the price of the offer generated at the moment of application as a result of decrease of the initial price should be specified in figures and in words. In a case if figures also in words specify the different prices, the price specified in words is taken into consideration.

the Documents containing blots, erasures, corrections are not considered. Not representation by the applicant any of the listed documents with motivation that they contain a trade secret, deprives of its right to participation in sale.

the winner the applicant which demand of the first is registered in magazine of demands admits. Following the results of property sale the report which subscribes the Organizer and the Winner of sale in day of drawing up of the report is made. The winner is obliged within 5 working days from the date of report signing to conclude with the Seller the contract of purchase and sale of property.

the winner should list in full money resources for the bought property on the settlement account of the Seller not later than 25 days from the date of signing of the report on results of sale of property.

requisites for deposit transfer:

the Addressee of payment: MUP Dorozhnik

an INN/ a check point 6723000645/ 672301001,

r/ with 40702810500050001641 in Open Company unifondbank Moscow,

to/ with 30101810700000000488, BIK 044583488.