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Open Company the Auction centre REGION (the organizer of the auctions) informs on carrying out of the open auctions in the form of auction on sale of property of the enterprise of the debtor Open Society Shchekinsky PGU (the address: the Tula area, Shchekinsky r - o, Sovetsk, street Energetikov, d. 1) . the Auctions will take place 08. 04. 2010 in 14. 00 to the address: Tula, street Ryazan, d. 1, of. 609.

the Prize 1. Cranes roadways (razukomplektovany) in kol - ve 2 units

Nach. The price 47 250 rbl., from the VAT.

the step of the auctions on increase makes 5 000 rbl.

Familiarity with tendering order, the list of documents for application, a technical condition and characteristics of objects of the auctions, conditions of the conclusion of contracts of purchase and sale, and also other dop. By the information it is carried out at the organizer to the demands acceptance address.

Demands acceptance for participation in the auctions with the complete set of necessary documents about Tula, street Ryazan d. 1, of. 609, from 10 o`clock till 15 o`clock, in the working days also stops at 15 o`clock. 00 minutes 07. 04. 2010 of Ph.: 8(4872) 35 - 03 - 15.

For participation in the auctions the applicant, having concluded the contract of the deposit with the organizer, should bring the deposit at a rate of 10 % from nach. The prize prices, not later 05. 04. 2010, on the bank account of the organizer of the auctions: an INN 7107075467, a check point 710701001, r/ with 40702810500000001543 in Open Society Spiritbank Tula, to/ with 30101810500000000725, BIK 047003725.

the Winner of the auctions the participant who has offered the highest price for property exposed on the auctions admits. In day of summarising of the auctions the winner and the organizer of the auctions sign the report on results of the auctions, valid the contract.