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Profit TNK - BP

Petroleum industry

Net profit TNK - BP International Ltd was reduced. Has decreased on 5,7 % and has made $5 mlrd under standards US GAAP, the main operational director of the company Bill Shrejder has informed journalists. At the same time falling of a gain of the company has made about 30 %: it has decreased from $52 mlrd in 2008 to $35 mlrd in the present. For last year the factor of replacement of cumulative proved stocks TNK - BP has made 329 % on PRMS (were SPE), or 177 % on SEC. As of December, 31st, 2009 the cumulative proved stocks TNK - BP make 11,7 mlrd barrels by criteria PRMS and 8,6 mlrd barrels on SEC, is told in company materials.

the car industry
Autovases has developed business - the plan
Autovases will sign in the near future the agreement with creditors about re-structuring of credits, the president of factory Igor Komarov has informed yesterday. It has not opened details. Mister Komarov has specified only that the question of re-structuring of credits is adhered to business - to the plan the Autovase which it shows to the creditors. Business - the plan is already approved by board the Autovase and on March, 10th will be considered by factory board of directors. As a whole he assumes increase in release the Autovase to 1 million cars by 2020, assemblage of models Lada, Renault and Nissan, and on share Lada will have not less than 70 % (see from February, 19th). It is supposed that Renault as the partner the Autovase will keep the share in factory at level of 25 %. As already informed release of new models of Autovases and Renault intend to begin since 2011.

the group GAS re-structured the credit
Group GAS has informed that re-structured a debt to banks at a rate of 39,3 mlrd rbl. (all creditors 22, the cores - the State Banks led by the Savings Bank). The Savings Bank has involved for group GAS the new syndicated credit from its creditors with which help it has extinguished current debts before banks. The new debt is given out for five years with a delay of payments of percent on half a year and debt bodies - on two years, the rate - 12,5 %. To involve the new credit to group GAS government state guarantees for the sum 20 mlrd the rbl. approved by the commission first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov have helped. Besides, pledge under the new credit became a property complex and 16,2 % of actions of group GAS have informed yesterday in the Savings Bank. The bank will be the holder of this pledge in interests of all syndicate.