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Museums do not want to transfer church exhibits

the Director of the Central museum of Old Russian culture and art of Andrey Rublyov Gennady Popov has subjected to criticism the bill About transfer to the religious organisations of property of the religious appointment which is in the state or municipal property . He is afraid that thus the damage will be caused to museum fund of Russia.
we will remind, the Ministry of culture of Russia declared preparation of the given bill in the beginning of 2010 the Bill has diversionary character - mister Popov has declared during a meeting of representatives of Russian Orthodox Church with directors of museums and art workers which has passed on March, 9th in the Pilgrim centre of the Moscow patriarchy. The director of a museum has noted aspiration of the state to decline all responsibility for cultural heritage preservation also has underlined necessity muzeifikatsii Church values, transfers RIA News . Gennady Popov has offered representatives of Russian Orthodox Church participating in a meeting at first to put things in order in that economy which is already transferred in Church using. we have nothing to divide - has noted during discussion the chairman of Synod Information department Vladimir Legojda and has urged to keep values joint efforts.