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Pavel Chikov, the chairman of inter-regional remedial association AGORA :

- Mugs, evenings of rest and children`s holidays for militiamen it is original. However, to nobody harmfully once again to descend in theatre or a museum. The psychological help, unloading and cultural actions - a thing useful provided that it is accompanied by system of other legal, personnel decisions. Level of office discipline, decency is really connected with cultural level of the person. But at absolutely monstrous situation with corruption in system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs offered initiatives - as dead a poultice. Chiefs of divisions morally - psychological maintenance their wards will submit to the same head, as. As practice shows, corruption schemes are fastened on heads and vertically integrated. Much more system, shock actions can correct a situation only.

the Ministry of Internal Affairs very much hastens to react to the December commission of the president within three months to develop offers on department reforming. All divisions have started to give out offers to report. But the majority of them absolutely crazy. It is obvious that the Ministry of Internal Affairs cannot offer adequate measures on self-reforming, therefore rolls down to absolutely unimaginable initiatives. And hardly the generals are seriously anxious by destiny of 20 % of colleagues subject to reduction. At them it is now ready more - not to admit a challenge full disbandment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.