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Irkutsk officials do not have not enough power local

In the government of the Irkutsk region personnel changes are expected. The first vice-president of the government Alexander Bitarov has written a resignation. It is dissatisfied with distribution of powers between old Irkutsk officials and Varangians which have come to region with new governor Dmitry Mezentsev. At the same time local elite has united in struggle against the candidate - the Varangian on elections of the mayor of Irkutsk which will pass on March, 14th.
as it became known mister Bitarov has written addressed to Dmitry Mezentsev the application for addition of powers at own will. However head of area does not hasten to accept resignation and tries to convince the zama to remain. we with the governor carry on negotiations on this question every day but while it is not solved - has told yesterday Alexander Bitarov.

Dmitry Mezentsev has entered a post of the governor in June, 2009. He repeatedly declared that at formation of a new command will lean against local shots. As a result as a part of the government there were the officials at various times working in administration of the region. So, the two first vice-president Alexander Bitarov and Yury Paranichev worked at governors Boris Govorin and Alexander Tishanine.

Mister Bitarov asserts that it does not accept distribution of powers between local officials and what the governor has invited to work from Moscow. the new command which officially costs playing a supporting role, actually takes defining positions. Local shots why - that are removed on the second plan - mister Bitarov has noted.

Political scientist Alexander Kynev has noticed that the situation in Irkutsk is similar to that that is observed in other regions where there were governors - Varangians . Attempt to consider interests of local elite is not has gone right, - the expert considers, is a typical case which shows that the vertical of the power does not have reference point on such consolidation, and all is reduced to federal interests . According to mister Kyneva, in such specific region, as the Irkutsk region former conflicts can renew again.

aggravate a situation elections of the mayor of Irkutsk can. We will remind, an United Russia from giving of the governor has put forward eks - the mayor of Bratsk Sergey Serebrennikov who never lived in Irkutsk. And the deputy - United Russia party member Anton Romanov going on elections as the self-promoted worker, under the claim technical the candidate an United Russia Lyudmilas Korjakovoj has been removed c elections by regional court.

the Appeal of mister Romanov will be considered on March, 11th, however the candidate, without waiting decisions, yesterday has started to extend the reference to voters, calling them in case of its removal from elections to vote for the candidate from Victor Kondrashova`s Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Kondrashov the same inhabitant of Irkutsk, as well as I, - have underlined mister Romanov. - it too the deputy of Legislative Assembly, the patriot of our city, is not afraid to say that officials steal that at us corruption prospers... Besides, it is not noticed in communications with the criminal world, it not the vindictive and vainglorious petty tyrant . Competitors of United Russia party member Sergey Serebrennikov rest that it, as well as Dmitry Mezentsev, the Varangian . And in a staff an United Russia have complained that from Irkutsk elite there is a counteraction to their candidate, and many heads directly say that with them have not consulted When put forward in town governors of Irkutsk of the mayor of Bratsk. We will notice that the same Alexander Bitarov in the end of the last year has already tried suit a demarche, having written the application for an exit from an United Russia for the personal reasons (after negotiations with governor Mezentsev it has withdrawn the statement). In regional administration then said that the vice-president of the government remained it is dissatisfied with that the governor and the party in power have refused to support its nominee on elections of the mayor of Irkutsk.