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China has joined the Copenhagen agreement on a climate

on March, 9th China has formally signed the climatic agreement which has been reached in December, 2009 at the United Nations summit in Copenhagen. Thus, China became last of large emitters of the hotbed gases which have joined the agreement. We will remind, climatic United Nations conference in Copenhagen, called to unite effort of 192 states of the world in struggle against global climate change, has ended with a failure.

as the head of the climatic program of the World fund of the wild nature (WWF) has explained Russia Alexey Kokorin RIA Novosti news agency from this point on all largest emitters of hotbed gases have appeared within the limits of the Copenhagen agreement. it means that almost all countries of the world and all countries of the world which are large emitters of hotbed gases, have agreed to move further on the basis of the Copenhagen document - he has told. As he said, outside the limits of the agreement there was only Cuba, Kuwait, Nauru and Ecuador.

we will remind, climatic United Nations conference (COP - 15) in Copenhagen has ended with a total failure in December, 2009. Results of two weeks of political negotiations around COP - 15 it has been decided to take only into consideration, representatives of China, India, the republic of South Africa and OPEC member countries have refused then to consider themselves assotsiirovannymi even with the political declaration of Copenhagen. The total agreement under name Copenhagen Outcome has disappointed all supporters of world struggle with anthropogenous global warming . In it only political intention of the countries is fixed - participants to keep temperature increase in frameworks 2 during the period till 2020, thus is not present either obligations on reduction of emissions 2, or intentions to continue negotiations about it, distinct assumptions of that, expected global warming will be how withheld.

However in the beginning of February the countries participating in negotiations, declared the measures on counteraction to climate change. So, China has declared aspiration to lower emissions of carbonic gas on gross national product unit on 40 - 45 % by 2020 in comparison with 2005 and to increase renewed energy sources to 15 %.