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Agrofirm has touched from the budget

In Novosibirsk investigation of the large swindle connected with compensation of the tax to the added cost (VAT) is finished. Under the version of the investigation, in 2007 the company headed by the former employee of the Altay militia by Sergey Lataevym, has illegally received from the budget in the form of the returned VAT over 30 million rbl. to Return the stolen money to inspectors and it was not possible.
On legal investigation end about frauds with VAT return yesterday have informed in a press - service of central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on the Siberian federal district. - 50 - to summer businessman Sergey Lataevu accusation in swindle in especially large size (ch is brought to the prospective organizer of swindle. 4 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). The copy of the bill of particulars is handed over it, and business has arrived on consideration of court of October area of Novosibirsk.

On business materials, in the beginning of 2007 the former employee OBEP Sergey Lataev has founded in the Stone - on - Ob (Altay territory) of Open Company Agrofirm . According to the accounting reporting, its company has concluded from Open Company Agricultural machinery a number of transactions on purchase of wheat, fertilizers, spare parts and PETROLEUM PRODUCTS for the sum about 250 million rbl. In tax inspection Agrofirm has presented documents on compensation to it the VAT from the federal budget at the rate about 31 million rbl. Tax specialists, without having seen infringements, have counted financial requirements Agrofirms the proved. In the beginning of 2008 Novosibirsk regional management of Federal exchequer (the firm has been re-registered in Novosibirsk and it is put on the account in tax inspection of Lenin area) has listed the companies the specified sum. From the account Agrofirms money has been translated into card accounts of various physical persons and cashed.

In May, 2008 about large swindle it became known to militia. Inspectors have established that Agricultural machinery any goods to Agrofirm did not deliver, and transactions between the companies were imaginary. According to the investigation, they have been concluded exclusively for the purpose of reception of money resources from the budget . As it is specified in materials of business, Sergey Lataeva`s firm was not engaged in real economic activities, and the tax declarations which have become by the basis for compensation of the VAT, have appeared fictitious. Mister Lataeva declared in federal search.

suspected of swindle field investigators have detained in August, 2009, the court of October area of Novosibirsk authorised Sergey Lataeva`s conclusion under guards. However to leave on a trace of the stolen money to a consequence it was not possible.

the Former militiaman guilty itself did not recognise, and arrest has appealed against, having explained that is the invalid with a head injury. Sergey Lataev asserts that did not know about search as was in psihbolnitse Magnitogorsk. There, according to some information, it has got as a result of an alcoholic psychosis. Further it has returned to Novosibirsk where has been detained. Field investigators consider what turn swindle on ten millions roubles Sergey Lataev one could not, but prove presence of criminal group to them it was not possible.