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Penza zempredprijatie has brought down to itself the price

a territory Lay-out in 730 hectares in October area of Novosibirsk, today occupied with a private sector, will be engaged in Open Society Penza zempredprijatie . During competition the company has reduced the price of the contract with municipality from 2,5 million rbl. to 1,35 million rbl., and term of performance of works has reduced twice - till 154 days. Experts name the conditions offered by the winner dumping and state fears for quality of work. In Penza zempredprijatii recognise that the contract price almost critical from the point of view of profit reception.
the lay-out of all perspective platforms for housing construction in Novosibirsk is spent within the limits of the new general layout of a development of the city accepted in 2008., Ippodromsky in Dzerzhinsk area, projects of lay-out of the territories adjoining to street Knitted, Frunze are by this time prepared for park the Pine pine forest In Kalininsky area; microdistrict Coastal with a scale pulling down of a private sector in Railway and Zaeltsovsky areas; inhabited files of Ust - Insky, Southern - Chemsky, Springs, Coastal and of some other platforms. past Saturday the commission on placing of the municipal order at department of building and architecture of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk has summed up open competition on performance of the project of a lay-out of a platform in 730 hectares from street Autogenous to the river of Plyuschikha. Demands for participation in it, besides local Open Companies Terplan and Open Company Kontsept - the project have submitted Open Society Penza zempredprijatie Open Company SaratovZapSibNIIproekt - 2000 Open Company Institute of complex development of territories (Moscow) and Open Company Hailstones - the Inform (Omsk). The lay-out project should provide Placing of sites inhabited, socially - the business, municipal, recreational and other appointment necessary for the organisation of residing in territory and also maintenance with its objects of social appointment, transport and engineering communications. The initial price of the state contract has been established at level of 2,5 million rbl.

the Competitive commission has preferred the demand of the Penza company which declared readiness to execute the project for 1,35 million rbl. and in terms twice less planned - for 154 calendar days. The manager on development Penza zempredprijatija Oleg Savelyev admitted that declared cost of works and terms of their performance are critical from the point of view of profit reception. But, he has underlined, the company has gone on it meaningly for the sake of reception of the contract and is ready to execute it in full.

As the chief of department of the general plan of department of building and architecture of the mayoralty Sergey Novokshonov, " has underlined yesterday ; the commission estimated demands of participants of competition in strict conformity with the federal law 94 ( About placing of orders for deliveries of the goods, performance of works, rendering of services for the state and municipal needs . - ). But participants of competition and analytics mark imperfection of this law on which the basic criteria of an estimation of demands are the offered price and term. features of the legislation allow to win competition to any participant, but, as a matter of fact, the offer Penza zempredprijatija is a dumping - the deputy director " has declared ; Terplana Michael Savko. On the first place there was an enterprise, for a line of activity not absolutely approaching for such work - the head of department of the general plan " considers; Kontsept - the project Vladimir Grigoriev. And the operating partner of consulting company DSO Consulting Sergey Djachkov is afraid for destiny of the contract. to me examples with territorial planning in a number of the Siberian municipalities when won the companies offering the lowest price are known, and then it appeared that they are not capable to execute the order - the analyst has explained.

the documentation on the project, according to competition conditions, should be prepared for public hearings within 310 calendar days. According to Sergey Novokshonova, specificity of a platform - available the big private sector. in the long term it, certainly, will be liquidated, however site development will begin not earlier than through 15 - 20 years - the official has assumed.