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Millionaires from the Network

In whose numbers, probably, Andrey Ternovsky will enter? the Spark has made the list of the young programmers who have earned a condition on the Internet.
Sergey Brin, 36 years, and Lerri Pejdzh, 36 years
12 mlrd dollars (at everyone)
Founders Google, the first search engine on popularity in the world. Lerri and Sergey have got acquainted during study in postgraduate study of Stanford University where together worked over the search engine project. Google they have started, when by it was executed for 25 years.

Mark Tsukerberg, 25 years
2 mlrd dollars
In 2004 has based the social network Facebook which has become most popular in world - more than 400 million users. The idea to unite students in Networks has come to study time in Harward. In 2007 thanking Facebook it became the youngest billionaire.

Benjamin Cohen, 27 years
8 million dollars (till 2005)
In 16 years the British boy has opened a site for the Jewish community Jewishnet. com. Has made of interest because any Jewish newspaper had at that point in time no own site. The starting capital made only 247 dollars. In a year, in 1999 - the m, a site managed to be sold for 7,75 million dollars. It have followed working out of portal CyberBritain. com and the search mechanism first in Great Britain on pornosites. Now sites have ceased to make profit, and Cohen works as the journalist.