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Robert Pattinson

to Actor Robert Pattinsonu only 24, it still plainly has not acquired the biography, but biographic books about it is let out already seven pieces, and in addition a documentary film Afflicted with Robert (Robsessed). For the first time having lighted in a bit part in the franchise about Harry Potter, a year later it has already got own vampirskoj the franchise thanks to which its popularity became unprecedented. The nature of this popularity which will designate more precisely as a mass hysteria, something is close to worship idols of mute cinema like Rudolf Valentino - perhaps, only during an epoch of the first movie stars in them trusted so ingenuously. Vampire Edward performed by Pattinsona is similar to a star of mute cinema - it is static, accents poses and gestures: that there is an episode where it shows to the enamoured girl the vampirskuju the nature - a skin sparkling on the sun. This most well-known role of Pattinsona dramaticheski is very poor: The vampire poses, while the girl is thrilled, pines and dries. By and large it is more in this history there is nothing. The more curiously while not numerous occurrences of Pattinsona in films with more sated background. In dear British independent film Awkward age (2008) it has played depressive infantila Arta who in a history beginning is thrown by the girl-friend - that it ungifted and boring . art the fate - the poet applies for image mysterious, jingles on a guitar and from a grief employs the personal psychoanalyst who is dragged behind it on heels even in a toilet, - in a film a lot of typically British irony concerning various teenage cliches and role models. In past Echoes (2008) Pattinsonu managed to be passed on an edge - a role of excentric El Salvador of a Distance entering homosexual communication with the poet by Lorca, contained weight of reefs: The Spanish passions in shreds, klounskie moustaches protagonista and its manners of the cranky genius. The scent has sufficed the young actor and ability not to look in this role ridiculous - it has turned out Distances at it even touching. The main danger trapping Pattinsona now, - for a long time zavjaznut in the most sold role of the fatal lover. In a new film Remember me he again plays a melodrama against fatal circumstances, and it will be followed by a western and Maupassant`s screen version.

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