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the Lame horse has fallen outside the limits a site

the Power of the Perm edge have finished own investigation of the facts of infringement of the town-planning legislation in club the Lame horse the fire in which has carried away lives of 156 persons (one more yesterday has died suffered). In the conclusion of the technical commission signed by the governor of Prikamye by Oleg Chirkunovym, it is said that premise reconstruction where there was a club, has been spent illegally. It is blamed of the Minister of Defence who is the proprietor of a building, to the tenant who was lost at a fire, and the mayoralty of Perm in which structure in 2003 - 2004 there was no the body supervising use of the ground areas.
the governor of the Perm edge Oleg Chirkunov has signed the conclusion of the technical commission studying the facts of infringement of the town-planning legislation in club the Lame horse . The commission which was headed by the chief of control department of administration Andrey Solovev, included officials of regional and city level, and also the chief of regional government of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Oleg Popov and a deputy head regional Rospotrebnadzora Victor Horoshavin.

In the commission conclusion it is said that in the club located in an extension of an apartment house on street of Kuibyshev, 9, it has been spent two reconstruction - in 2001 - 2003 in the presence of the permission, and in 2003 - 2004 in the absence of the necessary documentation. It is established that during the second reconstruction the area of premises where there was a club, has been increased with 378 to 666,9 sq. m. Thus, the commission has established, the ground area located on street Soviet, which has been illegally used is behind design border of a site of the house where the club " settled down; the Lame horse . Thus in the premise resolved to use as cafe on 50 places, the restaurant with quantity of places nearby 300 has been placed. The increase in places for visitors in premises has led to blocking up of passes by additional tables, chairs, sofas and two bar counters.

in commission conclusions it is said that reconstruction of premises was carried out without the coordination with the proprietor of premises (the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation. - ), without carrying out of state expert appraisal of the design documentation, without delivery of the building licence and delivery of the permission to object input in operation . As a result the commission has specified that the established infringements specify in guilt of the tenant of premises (it businessman Alexander Titljanov who was lost at a fire), organised and carried out illegal actions at the organisation of reconstruction of a premise was. Also it is underlined the wine of the proprietor of the premises which have not carried out appropriate control over use of premises transferred in rent. Absence in 2003 - 2004 of body, the special representative on carrying out of actions for control over use of the ground areas is blamed of the authorities of Perm. It is necessary to notice that the head of Lenin area of Perm Ivan Voronov heading territory during re-planning the Lame horse right after tragedies has left from municipal service.

the first deputy of the chief of department of planning and development of administration of Perm in 2002 - 2004 Grigory Kolesnichenko explains that in Perm there are no organisations which would watch existing real estate. if the proprietor already after technical documentation delivery has spent re-planning to establish it it is actually impossible - he speaks. appointment of the ground area and the objects which are on it, define Land tenure and building rules . But control functions are actually transferred proprietors. And they as sad practice confirms, not always observe rules - mister Kolesnichenko has explained. In turn, eks - the head of city department of planning and development of territory of Perm Tatyana Samojlenko has reminded that gorduma in 2007 has decided to delegate responsibility on re-plannings and transfers from inhabited in uninhabited premises to administrations of city areas. possibly, it was the hasty decision - she considers.