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Less than two not to gather

the Speaker of Sverdlovsk regional Duma Nikolay Voronin has refused to spend a lower chamber emergency meeting on which oppositional deputies wanted to discuss “ heavy socially - a region economic situation “ and also infringements during election campaign on parliamentary elections. According to mister Voronina, such questions should be considered at joint session of chambers. Deputies consider the reason formal and hope that the Office of Public Prosecutor will specify to the speaker in illegality of its actions.

with the request to call an emergency meeting of Sverdlovsk regional Duma to speaker Nikolay Voroninu have addressed 10 deputies selected from opposition parties - the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR, the Russian party of pensioners and the Russian party of life (in 2007 both parties have united in “ Fair Russia “) . They have suggested to include two questions in the summons: about socially - an economic situation of Sverdlovsk area and about readiness of region for parliamentary elections which will take place on March, 14th. In the first case, on a plan of deputies, as the lecturer the chairman of the government Anatoly Gredin, in the second case - the representative of regional election committee should act.

according to the region charter, for emergency meeting convocation it is required to collect signatures not less than third of the deputies selected in a thought (all in a thought of 28 deputies - „“).

However yesterday Nikolay Voronin has declared that will not spend an emergency meeting of the lower chamber of Legislative Assembly. “ according to regulations, deputies can hear reports on activity of the government or the governor only at joint sessions of chambers (a thought and the House of Representatives) “ - he has explained. And the head of the Duma committee of the legislation United Russia party member Anatoly Gajda has added that election committee - independent body which should not report to Legislative Assembly.

oppositional deputies intend to defend the right to an emergency meeting. According to the leader of fraction of LDPR in Yury Balanova`s Sverdlovsk regional Duma, the speaker in this case is only the organizer and has no right to refuse the initiative to members of parliament. “ we have directed the corresponding reference to Office of Public Prosecutor that its employees have checked up legality of treatment of the charter of Sverdlovsk area. Thus, we will try to oblige mister Voronina all - taki to hold session “ - Balan`s mister has told. “ Nikolay Voronin has invented absolutely formal reason “ - the deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Andrey Alshevsky is assured. He considers that the speaker operates in interests “ an United Russia “ which “ On the eve of elections is unprofitable to show own failures: growth of unemployment, salary nonpayment, a huge budgeted deficit “.

“ In this election campaign “United Russia“ has generated full monopoly for the agenda and for information streams. Refusal to spend an emergency meeting oppositionists of the party in power became which initiators, - technically competent course “ - the director of institute of the strategic analysis and social designing Edward Abelinskas considers. According to the expert, from outside “ an United Russia “ it would be silly last week before elections to give the chance to opposition to prove. “ and the legal substantiation can be found always “ - the political scientist has underlined. The director of institute of system political researches and humanitarian projects Anatoly Gagarin has in turn added that the opposition simply tries to draw to itself attention, using a deputy resource. “ The speaker - United Russia party member Nikolay Voronin cannot admit, that on the eve of elections someone had a superfluous possibility to criticise the party in power “ - mister Gagarin considers.