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The cosmodrome East it is offered to include in the Federal space program

As has declared vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov, the cosmodrome project East in the Amur region should be included in the Federal space program. We will remind, building of the new cosmodrome in the Far East is planned to begin in 2011. Besides Ivanov has calmed the deputies worrying for domestic satellite system GLONASS, having informed that Russia does not use American GPS on strategic bombers.

Sergey Ivanov considers necessary to finance building in Russia the new cosmodrome East directly from the Federal space program. it is the subroutine of building from zero, it should be in the Federal space program, it is the cosmodrome civil, intended, including, for piloted astronautics - Ivanov has told on March, 10th, reporting in parliament in frameworks The governmental hour that does the government on development fundamental and applied science.

it in essence a new city, a hi-tech city. It not only starting trunks, is factories on fuel manufacture, it is an infrastructure - Ivanov has noted. east it is planned to construct in some stages: till 2011 should be finished design - prospecting works and there is begun creation of starting complexes; the first automatic pilotless start-up is planned for 2015, and start of the piloted ship - for 2018. Now the core for Russia is the cosmodrome Baikonur in Kazakhstan which term of rent is prolonged till 2050.

answering a question of one of deputies, why in Russia, according to mass-media, on strategic bombers the American satellite system, instead of GLONASS " is established; Ivanov has twisted that Russia does not use the American navigating system GPS on strategic bombers. As he said, for last year the Minister of Defence and the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation have bought already ten thousand receivers GLONASS which are established both on military technology, and on the civil.

he also has informed that does not see anything negative that Russia wants to buy from France vertoletonosets type Mistral. If Russian oboronno - the industrial complex cannot make such product why and is not present - Ivanov considers. Besides he recognised that on a number of indicators we have strongly lagged behind, including, for example, in surface shipbuilding . In the country unsuccessful position and with release of domestic accessories. in oboronke - 35 % of the Russian accessories, and 65 % - foreign - has informed vitse - the prime minister.