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the Calendar on March, 16th, 2010

(Belarus) will pass session of Ministerial council of Union State of Belarus and Russia In Brest.

in Saleharle ceremony of the introduction of Dmitry Kobylkina in a post of governor Jamalo - Nenets autonomous region will take place.

in Riga the organisation Daugavsky falcons gathers, celebrating day of memory of the legionaries who were at war in days of the Second World War on the party of Germany, to spend procession and to assign flowers to Freedom monument in capital of Latvia despite an interdiction of the Riga thought to carry out public actions this day.

in Greece the trade union of state employees will spend vesobshchuju 24 - hour strike.

on March, 16th and 17 the Palestinian territories will be visited by the president of Brazil Jose Luis Ignasio Lula da Silva.

in Moscow at university of oil and gas of Gubkin the meeting on public discussion of the formula of the price for oil products will take place.

In Bruxelles Ministers of Finance of EU will gather to discuss financial problems of Greece and strategy of turning of anti-recessionary measures.

in Moscow Gohran of the Russian Federation will spend the auction first in 2009 on sale of diamonds of the special sizes (weight 10,8 carats and more).

in Moscow the arbitration court has postponed consideration of the claim For March, 16th Evrositibanka (Pyatigorsk) about application of consequences of invalidity of the insignificant transaction.

till March, 16th in Moscow the arbitration court has postponed consideration on the substance of the company claim ST Development businessman Shalvy Chigirinsky to the government of Moscow about a recognition illegal state structure inactivity.

in Moscow the arbitration court has appointed the basic session to March, 16th under Joint-Stock Company claim D Distribjushen the Russian distributor of the largest world manufacturer of alcohol Diageo and the owner of the rights to brands Smirnov And Smirnoff, to Rospatent on dispute round a trade mark Trading domborisa Smirnova .

In Arkhangelsk the arbitration court of the Arkhangelsk region will consider results of examination for the purpose of revealing of the facts of deliberate bankruptcy of Open Company tehnoseverneft (Nenets autonomous region).

For March, 17th in Arkhangelsk the Fourteenth arbitration appeal court has appointed consideration of the complaint of Interdistrict inspection FNS N4 across the Arkhangelsk region and Nenets autonomous region and Managements FNS across the Arkhangelsk region and NAO to the decision of court of the first instance which have recognised void their decisions on refusal of the company Total Investigation Working out Russia (affiliated structure French Total) in compensation of the VAT for a total sum of 65,80153 million rbl.

From March, 16 till March, 18th in Moscow in hotel Marriott the Grandee - Hotel XIII international Russian automobile forum of Institute of Adam Smith will take place.