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the Head IzhAvto have defined through court

Today arbitration court of Udmurtiya has refused to recognise void decisions of board of directors of Open Society IzhAvto from November, 16th and 20, 2009 about election of an individual executive office of management. Thus, it is refused the claim to Michael Dobyndo, the general director of the enterprise who has disagreed with election on November, 20th, 2009 as Vladimir Bondarenko`s successor. Also it is refused satisfaction of the claim to Vladimir Bondarenko who demanded to nullify the decision of board of directors from November, 16th about prolongation of powers g - on Dobyndo. As the judge on process Larissa Ahmetov has decided, the infringements admitted on boards of directors, are insignificant; both decisions are legitimate, as are accepted by the majority, and the second, from November, 20th, cancels the decision from 16 - go. It means that Vladimir Bondarenko should become the head of factory. To the introduction of a judgement into validity remain valid accepted earlier obespechitelnye measures.

we will remind, IzhAvto in May, 2009 has stopped work. In August the enterprise has put in the statement for bankruptcy, in September on it on a judgement on half a year supervision is entered. Already on March, 4th at the enterprise IzhAvto external management for a period of 18 months has been entered, the managing director appoints a member Moscow SRO arbitration managing directors National guild of arbitration managing directors Michael Kotov.