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On a way to online - bankingu

10/ 03/ 2010


bank Tinkoff Credit Systems - not the beginner in social media, until recently its activity concentrated basically on a site banki. ru, created such original media product as the National rating of banks. An essence that clients write positive or negative responses on activity of different banks, and those answer them or ignore. TKS - the Bank always extremely showed consideration for responses of clients and in detail answered them. As result, the third place in a rating, very good indicator.

recently we have started new service - attraction online - deposits in Moscow and St.-Petersburg. The audience of this service is substantially concentrated on the Internet for two reasons. In - the first, in capital cities the Internet is developed much better. In - the second, among Internet users, obviously, there are more than the people interested in enclosing available assets on the deposit in bank.

on the other hand, a position of principle of our bank absence of branches for servicing is - we spend all operations through the servicing Center by phone, through the Internet and by mail. This circumstance gives rise to myths among the potential clients who are not understanding, as it the bank works without cash desk. In secret I will tell that the cash desk at the basic office at all of us is, but it operates for internal needs of bank, instead of mass servicing, and for reception of deposits there are enough ways besides entering of cash into cash desk.

however the scheme new, and at potential clients is a lot of questions. The non-standard approach forces to explain more actively how works Tinkoff Credit Systems And why the contribution to it is worse nothing, than in the bank having sparkling branches. Moreover, from - for absence of offices the contribution is better, as low costs allow to pay the raised percent.

we expected some nedoponimanie and before start of contributions began to increase the presence at social media. The bank had a blog, the first posts are published on February, 16th.

in Russia very few positive examples of corporate blogs. They, as a rule, not interesting and formal. Readers feel at once it. We have analysed experience of the companies and have decided to create two information anchors in a blog. The first - councils about Tuesdays. These are councils about the personal finance, they far are not necessarily connected with bank services. We will tell not only about contributions and plastic cards, but also about personal taxes, autoinsurance, investments in stock market, small business and etc.

the Second anchor - songs on Fridays. In a weekend we spread one song devoted to money. It is the entertaining post expanding an outlook of people.

other posts on time are not regulated, and become depending on requirements of clients or the bank. For example, every week in different days we publish posts under tegom responses of clients ; an explanation of frequent questions; news, important for private clients; discussion of new financial technologies etc. At once more than 300 friends in magazine were possible to involve at once thanking here to this announcement in my personal blog.

corporate blogs sin mutual zafrenzhivaniem that is frendjat all successively counting on reciprocity, and those who with this reciprocity do not answer, throw out from friends after a while. One financial structure with me personally this focus has done time six, and its reputation thus obviously has not improved. It is obvious that artificial friends In a reality will not read a blog because them only the number " interests; friends . We will leave this method that for whom the number of friends is necessary for a tick about to the done work instead of real communications with clients.

why we have chosen platform Livejournal or ZHZH? We consider that it was generated as a debatable platform, besides, important that the basic owner of bank Oleg Tinkov - one of the most popular blogerov and conducts a blog on platform ZHZH. Information support from its party, certainly, will help a bank blog.

simultaneously bank Tinkoff Credit Systems has got an account in Tvittere, and we had to address to the person who has registered it, with the request to transfer to destination. That it also has made, without having asked money. In Tvitter automatic translation from a bank blog so the users preferring this service, can be constant in a course of affairs of bank is adjusted. Such people today 276. Besides, in tvittere bank there are original messages.

as we will measure overall performance in sotsmedia? In particular, by calculation of number of transitions from separate sotsmedia on page of the demand for the contribution and it is direct numbers of fillings of the questionnaire, thus technologies allow to trace it if the client has filled the demand with the big time interval after primary calling on a site. Direct sales, certainly, not the only thing, on what we count. Work in social media will allow to adjust dialogue with clients and to show klientoorientirovannost bank.

plans on activity expansion in other social media are; we think, how it is better to make it.

to a meeting!

Oleg Anisimov, the vice-president on bank marketing Tinkoff Credit Systems