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The market has straightened shoulders

the exhibition which has Passed in February prodekspo - 2010 in which have taken part about 200 manufacturers of strong alcohol, has shown that the branch has almost recovered from crisis. And if last year moods at participants of an exhibition were gloomy this year the majority looks ahead with optimism.

softening circumstances
the Third pavilion Expocentre on Red Presne, where during the international exhibition prodekspo stands of manufacturers of strong alcohol concentrate, has been especially populous and recovered. However, it is not surprising. Achievements national likerovodochnogo economy annually involve here thousand visitors. Here and these February days Muscovites and the visitors of capital who were tired of long and cold winter, with pleasure examined stands of participants the exhibitions pleasing a sight by originality of designs, non-standard design decisions and variety of strong drinks. Though all last year alcoholic branch the beginning of new year, judging by the general celebratory atmosphere reigning in the third pavilion was in a fever from global financial crisis, it was quite possible to name optimistical.

directly at an input any more the first year settles down Holding stand Nemiroff. I examine a two-storeyed design of the stand, the impressing size a banner with the image of a popular shtof Honey with pepper a bar counter to which not to make the way... Barmen hardly have time to get mixed up for wishing cocktails on the basis of vodka Nemiroff. The impression really develops such that crisis has passed for the company imperceptibly.

Later the president of holding Alexander Glus has confirmed my first impression: So it has turned out that we have entered into crisis with already created as much as possible effective business - model. We have begun company re-structuring in 2006 and optimisation of all business - processes have finished before crisis. Without having debt loading, credit - extra means in working capital, we had possibilities of growth and invested in development even during crisis. As a result growth of sales of production of the company only in the Russian Federation in 2009 has made 7 % .

On the main exhibition of year the company left also prepared, having presented two new products - Nemiroff Delikat and Wheat Ukrainian special . And it is an exit unusual to the company as both brands concern a category not peculiar Nemiroff white vodka. In the near future they will appear on counters of the Russian shops at the price of 170 roubles ( Wheat Ukrainian special ) And 180 roubles (Nemiroff Delikat) for 0,5 litres.

according to the sales manager of representation Nemiroff in Russia Vitaly Varizhkina, active growth in this perspective segment (occupies 80 % of the Russian vodka market) is one of strategic problems of the company. On Delikat in the company rest special hopes and speak about it gently, with warmth. Alexander Glus has described a new product so: This vodka in itself unique because only a work cycle, without softeners we managed to make absolutely natural, soft drink. It very soft, balanced and harmonious. Vodka difficult enough so to characterise, but such it and has turned out .

Actually, softness Delikat is reached thanks to unique technology of softening - filtrations with use of a special combination of filters on the basis of the activated coals developed from a birch, fruits kostochkovyh trees and a coco.

it is necessary to notice that under all forecasts the company the rigid competition waits: many large manufacturers create today in the drinks original modern softness in a counterbalance of the rigidity peculiar to the Soviet vodka brands.

affinity to roots
Opposite to stand Nemiroff not less ambitiously also have in a big way presented the production Tatspirtprom and Alcoholic Siberian group.

the Kazan stand enticed visitors variety of scandalous bottles and originality of names of vodka brands. More than others the Kazan novelty - vodka a premium - a class under name Sterva was evident. As have explained in the company, at its preparation the unique technology of clearing through filters with natural pearls is used. Bottles are executed in the form of huge lipstick of scarlet colour. On a label - the image of the seminude blonde half-turned. Both the kind, and the name caused in visitors - men a cunning smile. See, what! - the mister standing near to me in dublenke and a fur cap zatsokal language. However, it is pleasant? - I ask. anything so, - the man answers, without tearing off a sight from the biggest Stinkers in size with the fire extinguisher. - to buy, can, and not the purchase, but the idea good, clings . And to try it it is possible? - someone from visitors has asked. The Tatar promoter missing behind an information rack it is lazy has rocked a head: At us is not present, but you pass to the right, there at the next stands pour . For similar slowness the Tatar company has reasons: in the Kazan market with Tatspirtpromom it is difficult to compete, and crisis here at anything.

On the right, as well as it has been told, the stand of the Alcoholic Siberian group reminding a court yard in a taiga solitude was found out the impressive size. In a stand corner was will erect a timbered felling full-scale with a ladder conducting on the second floor where, obviously, important negotiations were carried on. On the glass show-windows placed on perimetre of a court yard and generously covered with pine nuts, on court of public the company has exposed drinks under the main brand Five lakes (with the updated design), and also a novelty Five lakes special (with infusion of taiga grasses). The novelty was a success: tasting piles in cost of 150 roubles dispersed as hot pies. Responses were distributed basically positive that is not surprising: a brand Five lakes enters into a three of the most sold to Russia. Besides, according to the company, last year, despite crisis, a share Five lakes in the market has grown on 5 %.

Actually, ruler expansion is caused by a cycle of life of a brand which exists in the market five years that in present conditions long enough term. For this reason manufacturers have decided to warm up popularity Five lakes at the expense of small updating. Besides, this course can as - to compensate that an unsuccessful conclusion to the market of other mark ASG - Kedrovitsy which has taken place about one year back. Under forecasts of experts in marketing of the company, its sale should exceed 1 million has given in a year, but expectations have not justified. Kedrovitsa also presented at an exhibition and rolling in generous cedar scatterings, really used the lowered demand.

imperial ambitions
should be noticed that the Siberian log hut ASG has symbolically shown the general tendency of the alcoholic market which arisen and has developed last years, namely a fashion on primordial Russian olden time. So, practically at each participant of an exhibition, basically in a mass average segment, drinks " have been presented; on berries of wild strawberry and cowberry leaves on birch sap on honey on kidneys and birch leaves on cedar nutlets on rye suharikah with a ginseng and so forth And the stand the Union - Viktana in general most of all reminded a birchwood. This tendency on - former testifies to aspiration of manufacturers to focus attention of the Russian consumers to cleanliness and ecological compatibility of the goods, to cause associations with typically Russian products.

also brands which advance an image of imperial Russia Besides, are popular and play nostalgic moods on imperial luxury. The company stand " became an embodiment of this trend, in particular; Ladoga Which show-windows have been issued in the best traditions of Russian museum. Some Spaniards, having crowded at a show-window, with astonishment examined vodka decanters in cases, the kind reminding eggs Faberge (a brand the Imperial collection ) . One of them even has tried to ask the price, but has quickly drawn aside a hand when companions have carefully specified to it in a price - sheet.

looking at so magnificent registration of the bottles involving of many amazed looks, it was necessary to notice that Ladoga has presented the Imperial collection - new vodka brands the premium - a segment - as is impossible in time. According to Veniamin Grabara, the president of industrial group Ladoga the transaction on Collections has come to the end in December of last year. And for the company it is a great advance which will allow it to leave in a superbonus segment where the company has not been presented earlier. the next two years we plan to increase sales Collections in three - four times - mister Grabar confirms.

available at Ladoga bonus vodka brands Imperial Imperial gold and Imperial village also have been presented on show-windows in all imperial beauty. However, as all experts agree, the bonus segment has strongly given in connection with crisis, therefore, most likely, drinks from the Imperial collection will be in a greater degree focused on foreign markets. Opening a window to Europe, Ladoga apparently, it is already ready.

a joke share
However, despite the industrial mainstream obviously appreciable at an exhibition, a number of the alcoholic companies has shown a creative of absolutely other level, having counted on shocking and kontseptualnost. For example, the Ukrainian company National alcoholic traditions has issued the stand in futuristic style. The basic brand of the company vodka Celsius has been exposed in glass cubes on a scattering of crystals with dark blue illumination. My attention was involved with packing of one of bottles - Celsius Avant . It was the metal tube with marks Space Edition, or, otherwise, the space version . But at all packing has caused my bewilderment, and probability of drinking of strong spirits in weightlessness. As it was found out, this vodka is really intended for cosmonauts. More truly, for those who in a shower dreams of space. Though the idea to let out such packing has arisen not casually: there is a legend how one cosmonaut, despite an interdiction, has managed to take a bottle Celsius into an orbit. Its offence became known and strictly stopped, but the company has decided to use this news, having made such non-standard marketing course. Certainly, all this history has been told me in the strict secret.

but especially me has amazed in the way to draw attention the Belarus manufacturer - the company Bulbash . Byelorussians were noticed by that have ground in an ice cube of the Latvian illusionist more than at 60 o`clock that, on their assurances, has made new a world record.

actually, all these scandalous actions confirmed one simple thought. If manufacturers have enough forces and desire also to joke, means, all the most terrible that has brought with itself crisis, remains behind. It is confirmed also with Alexander Glus: Today the financial situation is levelled. Manufacturers have accustomed with crisis and are more ready to risk, than one year ago. And if there will be no such a swagger - major circumstances, as EGAIS in 2006 market development will renew .