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Blogs with recipes have unexpectedly appeared so are popular what to dismiss them masskultury would be the big error. Type in the searcher a word the recipe - also there will be millions references in which names of alcoholic drinks meet often enough. To a hard liquor as to a source of inspiration and a theme of compositions some stars address today not only blogery, become well-known by means of the Internet, but also.

for example, the present ode to a national drink - Andrey Makarevicha`s new book Entertaining narcology . Vodka, - writes the author, - undoubtedly, the most important drink among drinks. On my understanding, anyway. Know why? Because it is absolutely rational. Vodka is directed on the decision of one and only your problem - to become drunk (in what degree - already your business). All other drinks created by mankind, are bashfully covered with a fig leaflet of flavouring advantages. Vodka in itself - tasteless (let`s not say lies to itself). Tasty vodka is a vodka the least opposite. And on - to the present it is tasty only in a combination to correct snack. Once in America owners, probably, wanted to show us on reception spiritual affinity and drank with that end in view vodka, having piled in it to ice, othlebyvaja small draughts and praising. To me became badly from one this show though, you see, their endurance deserves all praises .

According to Andrey Makarevicha to drink vodka with pelmeni in Russia where it is more natural, rather than the same shardone. And most, perhaps, read from the Russian cooks, the editor-in-chief of magazine the Poster Alexey Zimin, and at all considers that vodka can become a basis of new Russian cuisine about which all so is spoken also by which occurrences with such impatience much wait.

I some times happened in the Pskov area where people eat mainly vodka and if eat cucumbers. In the summer - fresh, in the winter - salty. But eat not simply so, and watering grechishnym with honey, sometimes mixing with honey of a few vegetable oil - sunflower or pumpkin. And it must be said, there is no more recipe, so laconic on technology and so effective by result, - Alexey Zimin considers. - and I am almost assured that has put here not in vodka. Spicy, perfumery aroma grechishnogo honey wraps up cucumber sweet or acid - depending on a season - in similarity ermesovskogo a scarf. It is a thing which is equally capable to serve both snack, and a garnish to the basic dish, no less than a dessert .

At lessons at cooking school Cordon Bleu, where the future editor-in-chief Posters - Meal got acquainted with recipes of the glorified cooks, alcohol too is used as an important component.

Chief Cordon Bleu Frank prefers simplicity, but from time to time as he speaks, it is necessary gastronomicheski to be insolent. To world around or to itself. To use something strong in the aspirations. For example, alcohol, - Alexey Zimin tells. - on strong fire vodka or brendi almost instantly evaporate, thus vodka is more preferable brendi because at brendi all - taki is any taste, and vodka it is simple a storm and an impact, a net energy. The omelette with whisky or cognac will be snobbish because these drinks will inform eggs the taste, and here vodka will pass into nothingness. Thanks to intensity of evaporation and other laws of chemistry the omelette with vodka turns out creation of exclusive, infantile tenderness. As though it is made not with the assistance of vodka, and by means of hypoallergenic milk. And in an impudent omelette the stuffing - a spicy grass, cheese, something with bright taste, for example a salmon " is necessary;.

It is ordered to drink
the Author of one of the most visited blogs of the Russian Internet Oleg Tinkov once on the eve of holiday days off urged the readers not to be fond of spirits, and in the first working day admitted that itself it could not be kept and for the first time for a year has got drunk. The original rating made following the results of voting of readers of a blog of Oleg Tinkova became result of alcoholic days off.

First six places have occupied vodka which are made on the post-Soviet territory: Beluga Cranes the Russian standard Green mark nemiroff and marusja . On the seventh place it has appeared Finland then the Absolute and Brunki . Vodka " closed sample; Putinka .

the Author of a blog Alcoholic chronicles collects the curious facts and statistics about alcohol. And also spends polls. For example, on a theme of that, how many it is necessary to drink to see green chertikov . From its author it is possible to learn that the hymn of the USA is written on motive of an ancient drinking song. That the majority of vegetables and all fruit contain in the structure of a few alcohol. And in modern French language there are two versions of a writing of a word vodka : wodka - for Polish and vodka - for Russian.