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On a competitive basis

how to read wine labels, at least approximately knows everyone. But to very few people comes to mind attentively to get a grasp of labels vodka. Though among manufacturers of strong alcohol not less serious struggle for the quality noted by professionals was developed. For this purpose also there are specialised world competitions and awards.

at household level the main auditor of quality of alcoholic production, certainly, the consumer: it the rouble votes for these or those goods in shop. At professional level specialised institutes and communities are engaged in an estimation of consumer qualities of spirits - will organise for them competitions and mark merits of manufacturers various awards. In spite of the fact that the information on possession such awards cannot affect directly a choice of the buyer (vodka - the goods of stable demand: As a rule, the buyer does not change the preferences for a long time), for the alcoholic companies participation in branch competitions strategically important - both for brand advancement, and for creation of reputation of the manufacturer guaranteeing high quality of production.

vodka awards, and them some tens are, are handed over regularly - one at specialised tasting competitions, others within the limits of scale international exhibitions and fairs. As organizers of similar actions the supervising organisations (for example, the Chicago institute of testing of drinks holds the largest in the USA tasting competition, and the International institute of taste and quality about a staff - apartment in Bruxelles - competition The Superior Taste Award), professional communities (tasters, somele, technologists), and also profile editions can act. Except founders competitions differ on prestigiousness and representativeness degree whereas procedure of an estimation and its criteria are standard enough: at the first stage of competition it is spent so-called blind, that is closed, tasting of the presented samples (in which course they are estimated on organolepticheskim to indicators - to taste, colour, aroma), on the second - the detailed chemical and microbiological analysis of their structure.

One of the most prestigious awards, the Best product it is handed over within the limits of an annual international exhibition of foodstuff, drinks and raw materials for their manufacture prodekspo in a separate nomination likerovodochnaja production . This year prodekspo (is more detailed about it read on p. 3) has passed with assistance of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, under patronage Trading - industrial chamber, the government of Moscow and Council of heads trading - industrial chambers of the states-participants CIS. In an exhibition have taken part more than 1800 companies from 57 countries of the world.

in 2009 high awards and honourable diplomas have received for excellent quality of production at once a little vodok company Nemiroff manufactures (in particular, superbonus Nemiroff Lex Ultra has been awarded a gold medal). This year gran - at competition have got vodkam and to tinctures from Open Society PG Ladoga vodkam from Open Society the Moscow factory the Crystal (in particular, to four variations Putinki ) And also to regional players - Open Company the Red glade (Sochi), Open Company Jupiter Prodakshn and Open Company Baikal (Ulyanovsk).

large enough international competition the Best vodka of year/ Best vodka of the year it is founded rather recently, in 2008, the All-Russia scientific research institute of food biotechnology (the GNU of VNIIPBT Rosselhozakademii). In the GNU already more than 75 years are conducted tests spirtosoderzhashchej production, will be certificated likerovodochnye products, high technologies of distillation, rectification and spirit manufacture are developed and improved. The institute is unique is a unique scientific institution in the country where at the highest level the solving researches firmly defining the quality standards spirtosoderzhashchej of production are conducted.

in competition the Best vodka The companies - manufacturers, the Russian companies - importers, distributors, the organisations of retail trade and HoReCa take part. Gold, silver and bronze medallists are defined by leading experts - tasters likerovodochnoj production. The estimation of the presented samples passes in presence of the independent supervisory board, at which structure representatives of the enterprises - participants and specialised mass-media.

the best of vodka get out in superbonus (from 330 roubles), bonus (from 245 to 330 roubles), subbonus (from 135 to 245 roubles), srednetsenovom (from 105 to 135 roubles) and so-called national (from 80 to 105 roubles) segments, and also in nominations Vodka special Balms Tinctures and Opening of year . Last year in competition has taken part more than 70 vodok from Russia, from Ukraine and from Belarus. Among winners have appeared: vodka the Pure crystal (Open Society the Moscow factory the Crystal ), the Katyusha classical (Moscow it is wine - konjachnyj factory KiN), Ladoga grain (Open Society PG Ladoga ), the international brand Nemiroff (UVK Nemiroff), Russian season (Joint-Stock Company LVZ Georgievsky ) And others. The next competition will take place in the spring.

the most authoritative and representative European vodka competition considers United Vodka (it is founded ten years ago) which jury include the best European tasters and technologists. Organizers position it as unique in Europe independent vodka competition . Nobody can affect our refereeing - it is told in the official reference of organizers of the award.

during its existence in competition has taken part more than 600 vodka brands from every corner of the globe. The tasting stage of competition passes in Belgium, and winners traditionally celebrate in Kanne during carrying out there the International film festival. As awards gold, silver and bronze medals, a gold star " serve; For design of packing a crystal drop For stable quality a medal For the softest taste awards For achievements in manufacture vodok diplomas. In 2009 of a gold medal in a nomination For quality vodka Nemiroff Lex Ultra has received.

One more sign award - International Spirits Challenge - is handed over to winners of the International competition wine and likerovodochnoj to production. Competition is founded in 1969, its staff - apartment is in a county Surrey in the south of England, and the structure of expert group includes recognised masters of tasting and known somele. In 2008 in competition has taken part more than 7 thousand samples of spirits from more than 80 countries. Complete sets of awards include gold, silver and bronze medals, and also gran - at Best in Class. The liquors presented in competition, are traditionally estimated on a grade, endurance and fortress term, and some categories (for example, whisky) - on region - to the manufacturer. Vodkam a domestic production to win the higher award at this competition till now it was not possible. The highest achievement of Russian alcoholic production - a silver medal of vodka White gold from Open Society the Crystal .

The awards establish also profile editions. For example, authoritative British magazine The Drinks Business annually marks the best vodka brands awards The Vodka Masters. In 2007 of vodka of the Russian manufacture ( the Companion the Legend of the Kremlin ) Took in total nine awards of competition (all in it has taken part more than 70 marks of vodka from the different countries). For comparison: Poland has received five awards, Ukraine - two, including the main prize for the best vodka of the Eastern Europe (Nemiroff Original). By the way, in 2009 this success managed to be repeated: Ukrainian birch special from Nemiroff has received gold medal The Vodka Masters in the same nomination.