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Transportation and storage of strong alcohol demand special types of transport and special licences for warehouse. The way which there take place drinks from the conveyor of factory to a shop counter, is hidden from eyes of buyers. We have decided to track all logistical chain.

features of national delivery
as error Will consider that logistics - only delivery of cargo from a door to a door. The modern logistics represents more likely the complex decision of the changing problems including including moving of cargoes.

and delivery should be carried out at all in the shortest, and in optimum term. For example, to sellers it is the most favourable, that the goods arrived in shop by the time of sales, instead of occupied long time of a shelf in a warehouse. To managers of the central warehouses conveniently that distributors came behind production in due time, instead of in “ a current of day “. It is necessary for manufacturers, that the declared volumes were redeemed. And buyers want to see drinks on a regiment of supermarkets during the moment approaching for them. Observance of interests of all parties also represents the optimum logistical decision.

the route of drinks of large manufacturers likerovodochnoj production looks so: factory, the central warehouse of factory, regional warehouses of the manufacturer, a warehouse of the distributor, shop.

actually logisty are that link which defines assortment and quantity of production which the factory makes as they are familiar with preferences and tastes of buyers even it is better, than some experts in marketing.

“ the system of planning of delivery in our company multilevel also includes the data from manufacture, from department of planning, the external economic department, transport and from a warehouse, - Vitaly Varizhkin, the sales manager of trading house Nemiroff in Moscow tells. - As the company imports the basic share of production, the plan is developed for three months forward, and the delivery cycle occupies not less than six weeks. At such business - processes important close interaction of all structural divisions of the trading house, and also operative information interchange with manufacture. After all difficult productions depend on accuracy of planning of quantity and assortment, efficiency of control over activity at all stages. For example, when and in what quantity to buy raw materials and components “.

As practice shows, change of sales can on the average percent on 30 correct already made production plan. The quantity of alcohol necessary for sellers, and order structure changes also. More less predicted demand, according to Vitaly Varizhkina, on so-called hedlajnery sales. Under the international brand Nemiroff it is vodka “ Honey with pepper “ “ Ãîğiëêà “ and “ Birch “. But as leaders in volume of transportations occupy not less than 10 - 15 cars changes in sales volume even on pair percent appear essential.

“ production parity in the order depends on preferences of our buyers, - Vitaly Varizhkin explains, - vodka of a superbonus segment drink that is explainable, slightly less, srednetsenovogo - more. Sign drinks also are in great demand, rather than just let out products, but we always predict and we count, as dynamics of novelties will develop. Only lately we have deduced to the public two new vodka of a damask number is Delikat and “ Wheat Ukrainian special “ and for today our forecast justifies “.

Peak of sales
Strong spirits also are subject to seasonal fluctuations of demand. The peak of sales is necessary for February, 23rd and 8 Martha, and also for New Year`s holidays. In the rest of the time, mark logisty, sales more or less equal. And summer differ from autumn, for example a little. That is vodka drink and in a heat is not worse at all, rather than in a frost.

“ for the first time we have faced illogical behaviour of the consumer market in December, 2008, - Vitaly Varizhkin, - despite " remembers; a high season “ we did not observe an agiotage. However in December, 2009 of sale Nemiroff were above, rather than in supersuccessful December, 2007. Representatives of commercial department " have well worked;.

In the Russian market partners Nemiroff of Holding are federal and regional distributors, and also the largest retail networks. Factory production arrives on the central warehouse Nemiroff located in Moscow, and then already moves on regional warehouses. They are located much more close to regional distributors of the company that allows to deliver production in supermarkets in necessary terms.

Logisty complain that while few distributors have understood advantages of observance of the schedule of shipment. If the driver has arrived in time, shipment occupies no more than 20 - 30 minutes. That saves both money, and forces of employees of a warehouse, but by appointed time there come while only units.

the choice of a way of delivery directly depends on volumes. For example, in the standard truck - “ dvadtsatitonnik “ enters to 32 pallets, or from 1000 to 1200 boxes of vodka. For transportation of great volumes of production it is more preferable to use railway cars where is located from 3600 to such 4150 boxes. More cheaply - only sea transport, but this variant exists while only in the theory.

For transportation of strong alcohol it is necessary to use special cars and autocarts as our this drink loves the people. Therefore actually armour cars which exclude illegal penetration are necessary. Also cargoes insure gruzopoluchateli though car with rails to steal hard, but at certain skill and it is possible. Equipment of cars less considerably.

“ there are norms on fight of bottles from Soviet period, but thanks to capitalism they in tens times are lowered, - Vitaly Varizhkin tells. - Today the norm of fight is by default equal to zero, but in practice it makes the 100-th shares of percent that quite corresponds to the European requirements. Happens, of course, that trains sharply brake also autocarts turn over, but all depends on the business organisation “.

Character Nordic
Sometimes likerovodochnaja production demands observance of a temperature mode, considerably flavouring characteristics of a drink differently can suffer. So, for example, company Nemiroff production sweet tincture “ the Cranberry on cognac “ it should be stored at temperature of not less than +10 degrees. Therefore for its delivery special cars and cars - refrigerators are used. And also warm warehouses.

when production comes on a warehouse - central, regional and eventually distribution, here the human factor, and also a warehouse hardware becomes the most important.

workers before employment on a warehouse of alcoholic production pass special control. Means are rather useful in control and work of a warehouse: video observation, the organisation of control of access of the personnel in premises, weight control. 80 % of problems with larceny, recognise logisty, dare organizational methods.

consignment warehouses which have started to appear not so long ago at brewers, among manufacturers of strong alcohol of distribution have not received.

the consignment is when production physically is in a warehouse of the distributor, but belongs to the company - to the manufacturer. Company assortment - the manufacturer new products change constantly, started. Naturally, the distributor does not know in advance a final demand for novelties. The consignment allows the company - to the manufacturer to put production on a warehouse of distributors that it has as fast as possible got to sale. One more advantage of consignment warehouses - possibility to carry out delivery at the initiative of the manufacturer, after all the distributor does not pay for this order.

retails as a result increase and decreases out of stock in warehouses. Suppliers have an opportunity “ to see “ Warehouse of distributors: it becomes for us transparent. Some companies - manufacturers within the limits of a consignment even have begun start of projects of autoreplenishment of warehouses of distributors. When the stock of a certain grade in a warehouse becomes less than standard level, the demand is automatically formed, and production is delivered on a warehouse of the distributor.

“ consignment warehouses are good for beer sales as it vysokooborachivaemyj a product, - is made comments by Vitaly Varizhkin. - We also trace fillability of warehouses of the distributors. The information from the distributor regularly arrives in the central office, and we can operatively regulate quantity and production assortment “.