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You in success of antialcoholic campaign trust?

direct speech

Dmitry Zelenin, the governor of the Tver region:

- I Trust, after all we have a positive example - antialcoholic campaign has begun 1980 - h years. Entered then interdictions it is sobering have worked on a society. Yes, there were turns and illegal spirit, but people actually began to drink less. Now such administrative rigidity already is hardly possible, therefore it is necessary to do accent on preventive maintenance: to open sport classes, to invite in schools and institutes of trainers, to develop a sports infrastructure. A necessary step - monopoly introduction on manufacture of spirit and an establishment of the state price for vodka. Measures which now are accepted, are consecutive, it is necessary not to stop and go only further. For example, to apply financial and other arguments to those who soberly does not want to live .

Oleg Morozov, the first vice-president of the State Duma, a deputy head of fraction an United Russia :

- I do not trust in any antialcoholic campaigns. Them so was in Russia much that at the people to them immunity was already developed. And until then while we will not change something in the brains, yet we will not change a head, anything to us will not help.

Michael Barshchevsky, the representative of the government in the higher judicial bodies:

- I trust in success of antialcoholic campaign. It is necessary to look, of course, laws, but basically I trust. Fight against corruption has yielded real practical results, let for the present not so notable, but they are. If it will want, all can be made.

Alexander Tkachev, the governor of Krasnodar territory:

- I Trust. When for good reason undertake with mind, with understanding of all complex of a problem, the success will come. Only it is not necessary to begin with rigid interdictions, from struggle for absolute sobriety. Experience says that is a deadlock way. Where it is more important to provide transition with habitual for Russia northern a variant pitija on southern - from a hard liquor on easy, natural wines.

Nikolay Zlobin, the director of the Russian and Asian programs of Institute of world safety of the USA (Washington):

- Not so. If a problem in that the population drank she should be solved not by alcohol regulation less. Alcohol is last thing when you struggle with alcoholism. The problem system, it depends on mentality, a way of life, psychology, formation, family relations, atmosphere in a family, a society and etc. Americans struggled with alcoholism by absolutely fanatical ustanavlivanija priorities of a healthy way of life. But on the other hand, having overcome alcoholism, they have got to drugs.

Oleg Tinkov, the chairman of board of directors of bank Tinkoff. Credit systems :

- World practice shows that similar campaigns anywhere have no success. Any, even the most rigid interdictions and restrictions will not disaccustom people to drink, if they do not want that. And then the passion to alcohol besides cultural and social has still a climatic component: in northern countries people drink more often. And it is necessary to remember it. As well as that consumption of high-grade drinks does not depend on a country standard of well-being: Finns live well, and thump as madwomen.

Sergey Kolesnikov, the vice-president of committee of the State Duma on public health services:

- Campaign is calculated for ten years, and its success will depend on a coordination of actions of the government, legislators and all society, including mass-media. In nine of ten films heroes drink a hard liquor and smoke. While abusing alcohol will publicly not be condemned, we will not move off dead centre. Probably, it makes sense to enter restriction of access of alcoholics to civil service. For many it can begin to fasten a serious occasion with an addiction.

Igor Buharov, the president of Federation of victualers and otelerov Russia:

- I trust in success of antialcoholic campaign if it is competent. Now the most important - to solve a question on vodka. At us its overconsumption is connected with reception of the state of taxes from manufacture. Let the state will take away to itself its manufacture and trade. And to the private businessman leave more expensive and difficultly made drinks - distillates, fault, liquors. Now struggle for vodka leads to that we do not have also normal drinks.

Pavel Tepluhin, the businessman, the former operating director of a group of companies the Three Dialogue :

- the Result is possible. It is necessary to begin with propagation, it is the big and important theme. Though idea non-profitable, but necessary and if the state is really ready to spend this work at association of efforts federal and local authorities and a society the effect is possible.

Valentina Petrenko, the chairman of committee of Council of federation on sotspolitike:

- If not to trust it is not necessary and to begin. To win mass alcoholism it is possible if to undertake all together. It is necessary to establish rigid control over quality of production, to enter state monopoly for spirit manufacture, to forbid sale of a hard liquor to people in a state of intoxication and the minor. Still it is necessary to write capital letters on each bottle about harm of alcohol for health. However where preventive maintenance is more important: children since the early childhood need to show a personal example that the teetotal person can become the happy only.

Sergey Polonsky, chairman of board of directors Mirax Group:

- And there is such campaign? This Open Society or Joint-Stock Company?