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Doomsday on the brink of the earth

Having endured earthquake almost in 9 points and a tsunami in height about the two-storeyed house, Chile has stood. Confirming to it procedure of delegation of power to the new president - and to it for the first time after Pinocheta there was a right politician - has passed strictly under the schedule: it was interrupted even with new tremors.
now it is possible to say it that Chile has stood, and earthquake of monstrous force (it has entered into the five of the most powerful for all history of supervision), having displaced on 8 sm a terrestrial axis and having moved on metre - another the whole cities, nevertheless has not brought down in this country societies, the states. As have not brought down them and 268 new tremors which have followed it most powerful of which (over 7 points on Richter) had on inauguration of president Pinery past Thursday.

but so it is possible to tell now. Two weeks ago, on February, 27th, nobody represented not only scales of the accident which have left without a roof over the head of two million the person, but also how Chile will get out of it. Though it was clear: it is necessary to battle not to one only elements.

war for life
Michel Bachelet was required to the President of Chile of 36 hours to make the decision on introduction of state of emergency. Local analysts consider that it is logical: the president which has passed through tortures at pinochetovskoj to dictatorship, and also has endured death of the father in prison, did not want to finish the board with military men in streets . Nevertheless the difficult decision of Bachelet has accepted: order maintenance in the suffered areas (400 - 500 km from capital) after 1990 - go was entrusted for the first time to army. Her, by the way, met an applause: in Concepcion (round this coastal city the second agglomeration in Chile after Santiago was formed) people have exhausted hunger and marauders.

Earthquake has revealed weak spots not only at the civil authorities, but also at military men. In one of the most organised and safe countries of Latin America, the army of 12 hours remained without communication: military men used cellular, and cellular communication after accident, certainly, did not submit to commands. Has reached resignation of the head of oceanographic service of Naval Forces of the country which have overslept a tsunami (about it have warned services from the USA) just because communications have failed. Chapter Onemi - the Chilean Ministry of Emergency Measures has left also.

anyway, but with the peace problem the army has consulted. When crowds of people, having lost habitation, an electricity, water and meal, has rushed to plunder shops (someone quite professionally, someone to feed children), without military men was not to consult. The recruits who were born already after resignation by Pinocheta, eliminated despaired from marauders.

the manager of the prestigious company remembers: I have come to shop behind meal and water. Sellers were not, glasses are beaten out. People took out so much, how many could carry away . The first nights after earthquake people in Konstitusone, Concepcion and other cities which have strongly suffered from earthquake, did not sleep. One stole. Others, having armed with knifes and sticks, protected from marauders the houses. In rich areas where seismostability of buildings has appeared 10 times more, than in poor, built barricades and Pinocheta appealed to a light image. In general, the situation was normalised, only when the government has entered a curfew.

quiet heroes
On one of the destroyed streets Kuriko (the city under 100 thousand halfway to Concepcion from Santiago) disturbing trills spreads a violin - complains all the day without a break. The violinist plays not for itself, money will go to the help to victims of earthquake. Indifferent practically is not present. Especially actively workers of mobile hospital which is put hastily by army of the next Argentina submit.

near to hospital - dilapidated church. From fragments of wooden walls and a dense white dust suspension as from - for curtains, there is an elderly short-sighted person in a building helmet and a dusty T-shirt - priest Jose Abarsa Morales. It served in a cathedral as Presvjatoj of Maiden Maria del to Carmen: every October for a holiday here gathered more than 60 thousand believers. Padre Jose will grieve that the present pearl of architecture of a XIX-th century is not present more, but learns to concern a situation philosophically: the main thing - human life, the rest will be put. It preaches more and more a personal example: on a level with workers clears away blockages, prichashchaet dying and prays. In a church court yard accurately combined wooden altar and children`s books lies.

in the neighbourhood with church - a silent small street. The left houses, through the broken glasses something tells the TV. To the owner of years 50, in day of earthquake was at home with the wife and four children. Fortunately, everything, except the house, are live: Well and what the house? - Carlos Kontreras, the bank employee makes a helpless gesture. - to it of 110 years, the has served, not one earthquake has transferred. The state will help . It not mere words: Carlos, his wife Isabel and small and asks Javier which till now when tremors renew, cries, that the father has stopped the earth wait for inspectors. They should estimate a damage, but not so hurry up: under forecasts of seismologists, Chile can shake even a month.

some from already estimated houses are marked by a red cross is means that they are subject to a pulling down. Such it is a lot of, but one is allocated, on it by a chalk is written Thanks, I am live also the smiling mug is drawn. Its mistress Marsela, the young woman of years 30, together with the husband assorts fragments: The facade has escaped, on closer examination, only. It means that owners should pull down the house at own expense. The state helps only with a facade that to street has not fallen. Marsela works in the telephone company Entel . The heads have given week of paid holiday to find other habitation, but it is uneasy: those apartments that surrender after earthquake, cost much. About the first days after accident of Marsela remembers with horror: they with neighbours, having armed with mops and knifes, at night protected street from marauders. and how military men? - at all do not speak to me about them! At me in broad daylight five military men have pulled together a box with disks, represent?! I have started to shout, there were neighbours, and they have thrown a box in the next street. Policemen, those help, and military men in general is not clear that do . To the house of Marsely, by the way, too without small 150. They with the husband are going to build up it anew.

the Next city of Talc (the population under 200 thousand) - one of the victims: here the elements have brought down not houses, and the whole streets. Tidy dressed man, recognising journalists, approaches and it is represented: Migel Krus, 37 years, the teacher of philosophy. It is soon found out that it know all in a city: Migel one of the first has warned about a tsunami. Business was so: having felt at night pushes, the philosopher has come into the Internet. On the Chilean sites of the information was not, but American informed on earthquake and about possible threat of a tsunami. Without hesitation, the teacher has sent the electronic letter on local radio Paloma . And within 12 hours after earthquake when neither military men, nor police could not co-ordinate the actions (cellular communication has ceased to function in 5 minutes after the first pushes), this station became life radio . Leaders accepted calls on the air, co-ordinated work of firemen, military men and policemen, and simply encouraged people, explaining what to do. As a matter of fact, radio worked as the Ministry of Emergency Measures, explaining, whether it is necessary to disconnect gas how to use an electricity, where to take water and as to conduct at new pushes. That this thin communication with the world has not interrupted, inhabitants brought on radio gasoline in canisters for the independent generator.

in many areas of Talc in streets till now there are no people in shape, victims cook food open-air and to appear here it is not recommended. But not all listen: at an open luggage carrier of good car Ana - Maria with daughter Piej distribute dried milk, water, bread, canned food and a toilet paper which have brought in Talc under own initiative. at the state these people of a hand have not reached. Here we also will help - explain to the Spark these women.

in Chile it is a lot of Such quiet heroes of earthquake. The country was shaken by history 12 - summer Martiny Maturana whom, having learnt from the grandfather by phone about tsunami threat, by a father`s advice has run on the area and began to call in a bell. Thanks to it many have escaped from the huge wave which have fallen upon island Robinzona Kruzo (if who does not know, it too about coast Chiles).

Speak and about two fishermen, Pedro Munosa and Osvaldo Gomesa who have rescued 20 persons, having forwarded them to two calling on coast from a small islet on the river Maule. During the third water has overflowed a boat, and they were lost. But there are stories and with the happy end, for example, about the ship`s boy who has incurred a Navy ship-handling on base in Talcahuano, has deduced it in the high sea after the first pushes and has saved life to companions.

Chile helps Chile
By data on the end of the past week, from elements 800 persons were lost nearby. There are people at whom these figures raise the doubts, but even to them is clear: destructions are not comparable to Haiti where at earthquake by force in 7 points was lost 250 thousand and practically does not remain structures, suitable for habitation.

experts explain these distinctions an orientation of seismic pushes, wild density of the population to Haiti (one of the highest in the world), and also relative remoteness of epicentre of the Chilean earthquake from the occupied areas. But there is also another, actually Chilean, a part of explanations. In - the first, Chile since 1973 has worried 13 earthquakes equal to the Haitian. In - the second, here constantly learnt to struggle with them. As shook the country equally terribly both at right, and at the left modes, rigid observance of norms of seismostability at building for Chile not an empty phrase. Not casually and houses here stand for 100 years.

that the airport in Santiago, despite destructions, continued to work is not casual also, accepting planes with the humanitarian help from the USA, Argentina, Russia, at once sent planes with the foodstuffs, desalters, tents. However, the main help has at the world`s end come to this country not from - for a boundary.

it is literally in few hours after accident on the country zaaleli the Chilean flags: Chile helps Chile - the slogan of the campaign organised by young businessmen. Volunteers have gone to the destroyed cities. Those who could not go, have incurred meal, clothes and money for victims. In hospitals since morning hour turns - go to hand over blood.

all it, unfortunately, remains actual and to this day, after all while the state helps the most suffered cities at coast. Kuriko, Talc, Valparaiso and other settlements which again shakes, wait for the turn.