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The president of Iran has visited Afghanistan with the Antiamerican visit

the President of Iran Mahmud of Al Ahmadi - Nezhad yesterday for the first time from the moment of the re-election last year has paid short visit to Afghanistan. Still the day before the administration of the USA has declared that it is disturbed this trip, and the head of the Pentagon Robert Gates has accused Iran of conducting double game in Afghanistan. It has given Mahmudu of Al Ahmadi - Nezhadu additional possibility to transform visit to Kabul to bright Antiamerican show.
initially trip of the Iranian president to Afghanistan has been planned on Monday. However cards of Mahmudu of Al Ahmadi - Nezhadu were confused by the Minister of Defence of the USA Robert Gates, without the prevention appeared suddenly in Kabul. From - for it visit of the mister of Al Ahmadi - Nezhada has been moved on Wednesday. However polemics, let and correspondence, between Washington and Teheran it was not possible to avoid.

Tone was set by the head of the Pentagon who has accused Iran that it conducts double game On the one hand, supporting the Afghani government, and with another - Talibs . They (Iranians. - ) want, that the Afghani government was friendly with them, but do not wish, that it has become successful - he has declared. The American special services assert that Teheran supplies insurgents of the Afghani movement the Taliban the weapon and money. In many respects to these in the Pentagon explain failures of the Afghani governmental armies and a military contingent of the western coalition in war with local Islamites.

however, proofs of cooperation of Iran with movement the Taliban the USA will not publish. Meanwhile many western and Russian experts doubt that Shiit Iran supports Talibs - sunnitov. Has put at all in religious distinctions, - has declared the general director of the Center of studying of modern Iran Radzhab Safarov. - Business in extremist ideology of Talibs as which never recognised in Teheran . According to the expert, Iran from the occurrence of movement of Talibs sharply condemned them, considering that their actions cause a huge damage to Islam and compromise Islamic model of management . Even before arrival to Afghanistan Americans Iran assisted the Afghani Northern alliance in struggle against Talibs - mister Safarov has reminded.

Mahmud of Al Ahmadi - Nezhad also has rejected vigorously charges of Washington, having returned to Robert Gates reproach in to double game . What do you do in 12 thousand in km from the house, on the planet opposite side? Struggle with terrorism? If at you other reasons of stay here have courage to recognise it, - he has declared yesterday on a press - conferences in Kabul, addressing to Americans. - they (the USA. - ) have created the Taliban and Al - Kaidu financed them and gave them all support. Now use the term terrorism for the justification of the presence (in region. - ) .

the president of Afghanistan Standing nearby Hamid Karzai during this tirade diligently pretended that its event does not concern. In a course a press - conferences following the results of negotiations with Mahmudom of Al Ahmadi - Nezhadom it was limited only to pair phrases about brotherly bonds Afghanistan and Iran having the same national interests and istoriko - a cultural contact. Besides, he has thanked Teheran for the help and assistance to Kabul in realisation of economic projects, in particular buildings of the railway first in the country which will pass through east and northern areas of Afghanistan.

as a whole the trip of the president of Iran had fact-finding character, - has declared Radzhab Safarov. - Teheran tries to find out moods in a management of Afghanistan, a limit of powers of Hamid Karzai in the conditions of the American military presence . According to the expert, it is connected with threats of the USA and Israel at any cost to stop the nuclear program of Iran. Teheran is afraid that the military contingent of the NATO being in the Afghani territory will be used for blow on Islamic Republic, - mister Safarov has explained. - Thus Iranians regretfully recognise that in case of acceptance of the positive decision by Washington on a puppet mode of Karzaja of anything will not depend .