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Three Russian seamen have died of a poisoning

on March, 10th there was an information that onboard tanker Arionas three Russians were lost. Later a press - the secretary of French sea prefecture La - Mansh and the North Sea Kristel Aar has informed that the captain of a vessel has confirmed it and has declared that they have poisoned with food. Incident is investigated.
according to all available information, seamen have died, when the tanker passed La - Mansh, going from Libya to Rotterdam. Two crewmen were lost on March, 10th, the third - still the day before. A press - the secretary of sea prefecture has given of a word of the captain of a vessel which has confirmed that all victims were Russians, however has noticed that names and age of victims are unknown. According to preliminary data, the poisoning with foodstuff became a cause of death of Russians. Earlier some mass-media informed that seamen have poisoned with poor-quality spirit, but official acknowledgement of this information was not.

Kristel Aar has informed that investigation which is obligatory in such cases, already goes. To a vessel by the helicopter delivered gendarmes and the doctor for ascertaining of death and gathering of indications. The Office of Public Prosecutor of a city of Havre supervises over investigation, its sea gendarmerie spends.

bodies of victims, by words a press - the secretary of sea prefecture, deliver to coast. The vessel has already come into port of Havre. Onboard the tanker there are 20 persons and danger to their health is not present.