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On a fire to rescuers of work was not

the Context

Yesterday in Moscow there was a burnout - ancient four-storeyed house N 8 on the New Revedenovsky street, belonging " burnt; mosregiontorgu which part of premises is rented by the various organisations and firms. As have informed in capital department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, the signal about ignition has arrived in 6. 20. After an hour to a fire the second category of complexity (from five possible) has been appropriated. According to the head a press - services of the Moscow department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Evgenie Bobyleva, the fire area has made 600 sq. m, designs on the third and fourth floors and on an attic have partially fallen. The ignition centre, according to preliminary data, was on the third floor in rented office. The exact cause of the fire is established. On a scene left 20 fire-fighting crews using six elevating mechanisms, and poiskovo - saving group. To localise fire it was possible approximately in 8. 20 and to extinguish - in 10. 00 then has begun continuous prolivka building premises. According to firemen, this time has done without victims. Open Society mosregiontorg it has been formed at capital department of the consumer market and services. An activity principal view - management of the agricultural markets of Moscow, conducting system of personification and the account of cards of the seller trading with delivery and formation of the register of sellers, the organisation and carrying out of fairs of the day off, tenancy of uninhabited real estate.

Nikolay Sergeev