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Rusal defreezes capacities

Rusal optimistically looks at prospects of the aluminium market: the company has started manufacture renewal on the preserved and new capacities. In company plans this year to make aluminium on 3 % more than in the past, - about 4 million tons. Haste Rusala it is defensible, differently its competitors can grasp the growing market, analysts speak.
yesterday Rusal declared manufacture renewal on the first platform of Novokuznetsk aluminium factory (NkAZ) which has been suspended in March of last year from - for low efficiency at bad market condition. The second promploshchadka worked as NkAZa without stops, have added in the company. While on the first platform the equipment part is started only, but by the end of April the volume of output on it will be increased still approximately by 60 % - to two thirds of designed capacity. The volume of output on NkAZe during the current year will make 253 thousand tons of primary aluminium - on 10 % above, than last year.

as a whole during the current year Rusal plans to increase aluminium manufacture by 117 thousand tons (3 %), to 4,02 million tons, have declared in the company. It corresponds to growth of Russian gross national product, Denis Nushtaev from " marks; Metropolja . 50 % from additional volume will be made at the Swedish factory Rusala Kubal, 30 more % - at factory Alscon in Nigeria, the rest - at the expense of a conclusion to a total power of the fifth series of Irkutsk aluminium factory (IrkAZ), has declared yesterday to Interfax the director of an aluminium battalion Rusala Alexey Arnautov. However, if demand for aluminium exceeds the expectations, the planned volumes will be reconsidered towards increase, have added in Rusale .

Rusal Counts on the Chinese and Indian markets having high potential of growth: aluminium consumption per capita in these countries makes 10 and 1,8 kg accordingly (in Europe - 25 kg). According to Alexey Arnautova, by 2015 the company can increase the income of metal sales in China to 10 % from total receipts about present 5 %. In November of last year Rusal has signed the contract with Chinese Norinco on delivery of 1,68 million tons of aluminium during 2010 - 2016. Five more - eight similar consumers in China Rusal wants to receive during the nearest three - five years that can close to half of its sale, the director for strategy of company Artem Volynets who quotes Reuters spoke on Tuesday.

Expansion of volumes of output Rusala defensible, though and not the Chinese demand, and is faster restoration of demand for aluminium outside of China, the head of analytical department UBS Alexey Morozov considers. Resources for increase in volumes at Rusala is: the company can make more than 4,4 million tons of primary aluminium (record result of 2008), 1 million more tons can add Tajshetsky and Boguchansky aluminium factories, on which completion Rusal involves design financing. in the growing market it is better to start standing idle capacities the first that other manufacturers did not have a desire to defreeze manufacture - Alexey Morozov marks. Denis Nushtaev adds that in the second half of the year the situation in the aluminium market can improve against growth of consumption and reduction of warehouse stocks. However, and at the present price of metal ($2,22 thousand for tone, LME) Rusal works with profit: following the results of nine months 2009 the cost price of manufacture of ton of aluminium Rusala made $1,4 thousand for ton, Alexey Morozov marks.