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In criminal community there was a father and two sons

In Novosibirsk investigating bodies declared in federal search of the businessman and the vice-president of basketball club the Locomotive 28 - summer Yury Solodkina. Earlier on charge in participation in criminal community courts authorised arrests of his father and the brother - the adviser of governor Alexander Solodkina - the senior and vitse - the mayor of Novosibirsk Alexander Solodkina - younger. In the meantime in Novosibirsk the action in a family support service prepares - in the mayoralty from group of citizens the demand for carrying out meeting in their protection has arrived on March, 15th.
yesterday the head of investigatory department on the Siberian federal district of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor (SKP) the Russian Federation Vasily Usov has informed that in federal search Yury Solodkin - the vice-president of Novosibirsk basketball club " is declared; the Locomotive . Mister Usov has refrained From more detailed comments.

by data Yury Solodkin has been caused on interrogation to the inspector still on February, 16th. Summonses also went to his father - to the adviser of Novosibirsk governor Victor Tolokonsky Alexander Solodkinu and the brother - vitse - to the mayor of Novosibirsk Alexander Solodkinu - younger. Last two have detained, after days to them have brought accusation in participation in criminal community (item 210 of the criminal code of Russian Federation), and in 48 hours they have been arrested under the decision of district courts of Novosibirsk. During consideration by the Central regional court of the petition of the inspector about the conclusion of Solodkinyh under guards has sounded that influence on witnesses was rendered by Yury Solodkin, which also entered into criminal community, carried out in it certain functions . The organizer of community which specialised on murders and vymogatelstvah, the consequence considers businessman Alexander Trunov (Trun).

According to field investigators as Yury Solodkin to the inspector was not, in a city declared the plan - interception of several cars, including Land Cruiser Prado black colour with figures in number 555, belonging to someone from its environment. In 12. On February, 50 16th the car inspector has stopped the searched car on Old highway. But while the militiaman checked documents of the driver, two passengers Land Cruiser Prado among whom ostensibly there was Yury Solodkin, have easy disappeared. Internal investigation of this incident is now made.

yesterday Yury Solodkina`s phones and its defender Evgenie Fuksa did not answer. Earlier mister Fuks declared that addressed to inspectors with inquiry concerning the remedial status of its client, but was refused. Did not begin to make comments on the announcement in search of Solodkina and in the Locomotive .

In the meantime in the mayoralty of Novosibirsk have informed that in municipality the demand from group of initiative citizens on carrying out in a meeting city in a family support service of Solodkinyh has arrived. According to the demand, in the action can take part to 500 persons.

sympathy to the father and sons of Solodkinym has caused indignation of some known townspeople. Yesterday by the evening on service YouTube. com it has been registered almost 7 thousand viewings of a roller Gangster Novosibirsk written down by the known local sculptor, a member-correspondent of the Russian academy of Arts Aram Grigoryan. The Novosibirsk power in a roller he named gangster . To address to wide audience as has informed mister Grigoryan, it was forced by the recent statement of the head of region of Victor Tolokonsky that Solodkiny are innocent . He has promised to continue exposing references.