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Grigory Revzin about MKhAT Museum

Museum MHATa - very good, it have anew made only in 2003. Perhaps, it even a problem. Nevertheless one of grandfathers of Russian theatre and so dexterously it have rejuvenated that directly seven-year butuz, instead of a museum.

and Konstantin Sergeevich Stanislavsky and Vladimir Ivanovich Nemirovich - Danchenko, as appears from an exposition, directly as have thought up at once to do the theatre so have thought up also a museum. Vladimir Ivanovich has written: After all to us not to leave from museum court and time not to leave, it makes sense as - that in advance this court and to equip. And already in the first sketch of a building of theatre Feodor Shehtel on a facade has arranged a separate input and has written there: a theatre Museum . That is it is such theatre which from the very beginning wanted to get to a museum that in general - that not for all is characteristic. But here you go on this museum, and still such sensation that here as though has on the contrary occurred. Not the theatre has got to a museum, and the museum became come from theatre.

nevertheless MKhAT - the big history, all XX-th century, weight of events, names, epoch. And on sense it like as there should be a museum of history of theatre. But it not it.

the history, by the way, so is arranged that the more close, the remains more. I even as - that was afraid that in a museum it will be too much efremovskogo MHATa - history recent, there is enough - taki heroic, now, thought, the life dirt half-and-half with tear of sincerity and a simple kind smile of Efremova will go in the sense that we will break. And in vain I so thought: in general Oleg Nikolaevicha`s any traces at theatre are not present, as though it and was not at all. I even have asked the director of a museum Olga Polozkovu, paternal so, and it has taken away me in the memorial make-up room of Efremova next to a memorial make-up room of Stanislavsky. There a pack of cigarettes, an ashtray, a table and sensation of homelessness as if the dead man recently have taken out. Even at Konstantin Sergeevicha as - that become warmer. Basically strong sensation and even, it is possible to tell, efremovskoe on intonation, but as - that dropping out of this theatre just restored, the newcomer, with igolochki. It is felt that to Efremovu as though here not a place.

well, muddy this time, from thaw before reorganisation, have decided not to show. But Stalin Lenin`s awards, an award of the Labour Red Banner of MKhAT? It after all just time when the theatre also became a museum, great actors - pillars of the Soviet intelligency! It where? Partly is. There are presented and Anna Karenina 1937 with great Alla Tarasovoj, and initial Dead souls dramatized in 1932 Michael Bulgakov, and naive enough, a little disnejlendovsky lock Elsinor - the sketch of scenery to to Hamlet which Nemirovich - Danchenko was going to put in 1941, but was not in time and has died. Is, but, know, so it is shown, as though in general any stalinizma was not, any that is called, atmospheres. Neither you of receptions in the Kremlin, nor Stalin awards, actors - deputies and gentlemen of awards. Simply as if ingenious performances, and when where who in boxes sat - what difference, we will not be about it have been made at theatre.

the person far from theatre, perceives MKhAT nevertheless through a prism the Theatrical novel Michael Bulgakov, paternal Konstantin Sergeevicha and Vladimir Ivanovicha`s figures get an easy reflected light klounady. Is not present, of course, you tremble with their grandeur, and nevertheless involuntarily as - that you remember that Vladimir Ivanovich in India, and Ganges to me was not pleasant, on - to mine, something does not suffice this river... and Konstantin Sergeevich learns all to be pinned up by a dagger. But also this buffonadnoj atmosphere 1920 - h - the beginning 1930 - h in a museum too you do not see. You see fine sketches of scenery, photos of actors, bulgakovskuju the White Guard constructivist Three fat men Oleshas, but no feeling of history thus arises. The ingenious performances existing as though it is simple so, out of time. And the same, perhaps, concerns also pre-revolutionary MHATa, and Seagulls and At the bottom . Such sensation that prime ministers were yesterday.

I want to underline: it is a rich museum. In it weight of original materials. Sketches of scenery of Benua, Dobuzhinsky, Kustodieva - these things are included into all books about these artists, and here they here, in an open exposition. Each performance is documented by a breadboard model of scenery, and these are original breadboard models 1910 - h, 1920 - h, 1930 - h years. There remarkable photos and besides original prints. There only there is no sensation that all it occurred during any time and where - that, in this museum it is impossible to imagine Moscow 1910 - h when Gordon Kreg puts Hamlet Moscow 1930 - h when has appeared Pikviksky club Victor Stanitsyna with Peter Williams`s scenery. On the contrary, apparently, that it is such developed fine poster of theatre and all these performances are played today, simultaneously.

passing on this museum, I have started to think already that basically there is nothing more opposite, than a museum - storehouse of authenticity and theatre - factory on ostensibility manufacture. At Bulgakov in theatre foyer portraits Sary Bernard, Andrey Pahomovicha Sevastyanov, managing a lighting part, Moliere, actress Prjahinoj and emperor Nerona abreast hung. Me too reduced in this foyer, actor Michael Porechenkov, Dmitry Djuzhev and Konstantin Habensky there hung. Time categories in such situation do not exist at all. The Habensky has burnt Rome, Moliere has played in Liquidations .

There is one but . This museum not always was such, I will repeat, it very fresh. When you look at the first exposition of a museum - an exhibition of 1922 which was collected by founding fathers, it all about stories: continuous documents, photos, newspaper reviews, time labels are placed continually. The history was necessary to them, they is obvious from it made a start. And here this concept of a museum, it the newcomer.

know, there such sensation that someone in all with pleasure plays it. Well as though gets used. Here Konstantin Sergeevich, and it so has turned, and etak, a head has thrown, nostrils has inflated, oh what, directly a trotter, and here Vladimir Ivanovich, it so is more difficult, povnutrennej as - that, but with whiskers, and all through them is visible. And here Bread from the Bluebird of happiness Meterlinka, kind - kind, even pyhaet, and here Onions from At the bottom Tear caustic, odorous, with yellowness, and here Egor Bulychyov - krutehonek, and? As though theatre - one actor, Actor Akterych, and it whom you want will play, even Caesar though Pompeja is better, that as - that pofiguristej. And so vlegkuju will play, on reception, without any historical rubbish, circumstances, an image of time. Time that? Has passed, and there is no it. And there is a character, and here he will peep something, time - and it already it and is.

I that I want to tell? In this museum, clear business, is not present any today`s performances. And nevertheless appears through. It is felt as - that it ten years Oleg Pavlovicha Tabakova`s theatre.

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