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Trillioner necessarily

Distribution of routes to a competitive basis in Perm has led to a grandiose incident: businessman Sergey Polezhaev for the right to work on a line 62 has offered 17 trln rbl. and has won competition. Participants of the market assert that the businessman was mistaken with the demand. Nevertheless, the mayoralty already changes the documentation - to following competitions it is supposed to enter a maximum permissible payment into the budget.
the competitive commission at administration of Perm past Tuesday has brought the next results of competition on distribution of bus routes. In particular, the winner on a bus route 62 Hippodrome - street Murom is revealed. Sergey Polezhaev who has declared a payment in the budget at a rate of 17 trln rbl. that more than in one thousand times more consolidated budget of Perm for 2010 (its profitable part - 17,636 mlrd rbl.) became them IP .

As have explained in administration of Perm, the demand of mister Polezhaev corresponded to all requirements, and according to conditions of the competitive documentation it has been recognised by the winner. At the same time in administration notice that some variants of succession of events are possible. In - the first, the businessman will conclude the contract and will be obliged to satisfy its condition, that is to grant on the budget the specified sum. In - the second, the businessman can evade from the conclusion of the contract and then it will be concluded with other participant of competition. His name in the mayoralty do not open. To Contact mister Polezhaev it was not possible - its mobile phone did not answer. Sergey Polezhaev was earlier member NP the Autoleader .

we Will remind, distribution of bus routes on competition is the part of reform of public transport begun by the authorities in 2009. The first competitions have been declared even last summer. But have been recognised by not taken place of - for boycott from the majority of businessmen. The carriers supervising almost 90 % of the market, have refused participation in competition and have threatened to leave townspeople without transport. As a result on competition carrying out the moratorium has been declared. And routes which rebellious businessmen have refused, have distributed on zajavitelnoj to a basis among all wishing businessmen having the licences. After documentation updating new competitions on 18 routes on December, 31st have been declared. Are already summed up on several prizes. By March, 11th winners on all to 18 routes should be defined. Contracts will consist for one or two years by a principle one route - one carrier . The basic criteria of competitive selection - the size of a payment in the budget, nizkopolnost and novelty of buses.

After the announcement of competition carriers warned that some participants of the market can use necessity of a payment for the budget as an opening for a victory in competition: to declare the fabulous sums which then will try to challenge in court.

the present owner of a route 62 IP Alexander Kharin has counted up: to pay 17 trln rbl. in the budget for this route, in day the gain from a route should make not less than 20 million rbl. I have counted up, how many it is really possible to pay for this route and have declared 9,8 million rbl. - the businessman confirms. The businessman considers that mister Polezhaev has specially made such demand to win competition, and then to challenge necessity of a payment for the budget through court. Director NP the Uniform union of carriers Michael Uhvatov considers that competition reminds a farce . It is possible to write any unreal sums, to declare new buses. But it is clear that in practice it will be nothing. And such competition at all will not bring advantage of branch - Michael Uhvatov speaks.

Sergey Polezhaev`s Partner on noncommercial partnership the Autoleader Alexander Bogdanov assures that in documents there was an error and a carrier did not plan to declare such sum. I do not know that it to do further, maybe, to it it will be necessary to withdraw the demand. All understand that it in general the unreal sum - mister Bogdanov speaks.

the Source in administration has told that on the commission private businessman Sergey Polezhaev has ostensibly declared that in the documentation really contains opiska. Thus the demand has not withdrawn. In the meantime the mayoralty of Perm plans to make amendments to the competitive documentation to following distribution of routes: it is planned to enter the top lath - that is the sums within economically well-founded sizes.