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the Relative of the minister is condemned for storage of drugs

Maxim Orlov condemned in Perm for illegal acquisition and storage of drugs in especially large size, yet did not begin to make the supervising complaint to a sentence of Sverdlovsk district court. As Olga Sulimova has informed the lawyer, it is connected with refusal of the Supreme court of Tatarstan to satisfy the complaint about cancellation of the previous sentence which has been taken out on November, 13th, 2008 to its principal by the world judge of a judicial site of 3 Vahitovsky areas of Kazan for an insult of the representative of the power. Punished then for six months ispravrabot it is conditional with deduction of 10 % of earnings in the state income, g - n Eagles has not sustained a trial period in six months. On April, 29th, 2009 he has been detained in Perm by employees UFSB at purchase 192 g heroin at the native of Tajikistan Ibrohima Girdakova who was registered in search for knifing. At survey of demountable apartment g - on Orlova in the street Ufa security officers have withdrawn 200 more g heroin, electronic scales and a packing material for single doses. The arrested person completely recognised fault, actively helped to an investigation in exposure of drug dealer Girdakova. The sentence of Sverdlovsk district court from August, 18th, 2009 g - well to Orlovu had partially been attached not left conditional punishment and term in six years of imprisonment is appointed. On October, 8th the cassation instance of regional court has commuted definitive punishment till four years and five months. Yesterday and. An island of the minister of public safety of the Perm edge Igor Orlov did not begin to make comments on unwillingness of the nephew to challenge court conclusions.