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Procedure of reception of Shengena for Russians can become complicated

As informs Interfax some countries of the Schengen agreement can enter new, more difficult questionnaire on reception of the visa to citizens of the Russian Federation. Also it is planned to cancel a transit visa — for country Shengena crossing it is necessary to receive the high-grade visa. We will remind, the question on possible cancellation of a visa regime from EU was more recently considered.
procedure of reception of the Schengen visa by citizens of Russia can become complicated. In - the first, questionnaire change on visa reception is supposed. Now it will contain point that the confidential data of the applicant can be without his permission transferred consular service of other country of the agreement. The questionnaire will be placed on three sheets instead of two, and on it will be appended two personal signatures. It is necessary to notice that innovations assume also filling of questionnaires for each child driving on territory of the country of the agreement irrespective of, it is entered in the passport of the parent or not.

At the same time it is planned to cancel and a transit visa. Now to reach where - or through territory of the countries which have signed the Schengen agreement, it will be necessary to receive unitary or the multi-visa.

according to agency, in the French visa centre already accept new questionnaires. Though earlier the president of France Nikola Sarkozy supported cancellation of visas from the Russian Federation. It is informed also that the similar questionnaire are planned to enter in the end of March or the beginning of April in Latvia and Finland. We will remind, on March, 9th Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland Alexander Stubb has held a meeting in Moscow with the Russian colleague Sergey Lavrovym. During it he has stated a position of Finland on this question clearly enough: We want a visa-free regime between the European Union and Russia .