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The first fact of application of a dope on the Olympic Games in Vancouver

the Polish skier Kornelija Marek is established is convicted of dope application on the Olympic games in Vancouver. It is the first revealed case of the deliberate use of the forbidden substances on Games - 2010.
Test And which has yielded positive result, was is taken at 24 - the summer sportswoman on February, 25th after relay race 45 km. Poland national team then has occupied 6 - e a place. The preparation name is not informed. results of test In will be published on March, 12th in antidopingovoj laboratories in Richmond (Canada) at the desire of the sportswoman - it is told in official statement NOK of Poland on an organisation site. In turn, representatives of the International Olympic committee (IOC) have confirmed the fact of the use of a dope. we confirm that the forbidden substance really was revealed - the representative the IOC Mark Adams has told. The sportswoman and NOK Poland are already informed on the beginning of disciplinary trial - he has added.

Kornelii Marek threatens two-year disqualification as to the sportswoman for the first time caught on a dope. Before on the Olympic Games in Vancouver it has been fixed two cases of the use of the forbidden preparations, but sportsmen - Slovak hockey player Ljubomir Vishnovski and the Russian hockey player Svetlana Terentyev - have got off only with reprimand as in both cases the forbidden substance was a part of medicines for cold, transfers RIA News on March, 11th.