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Yesterday the attack has been made on and. An island of head of the Kuzbass city of Leninsk - Kuznetsk Vyacheslav Telegin. The robber threatening by a pistol has demanded from the official of 30 million rbl., but has received repulse and as a result itself with wound it has appeared in hospital. Doctors have hardly saved to it life.
Vyacheslav Telegin has been appointed and. An island of the head of Leninsk - Kuznetsk in the end of the last year when its predecessor Valery Ermakov has passed in regional administration to a post vitse - the governor on questions housing - municipal services. Before 41 - summer Vyacheslav Telegin was known as the successful businessman, it supervised the company the Economical house and the trading house the House-keeper and also as the deputy of city council. After early election on a city post of the head, " has been declared; an United Russia has put forward its candidate, and mister Telegin has gone on leave.

yesterday in 7. 40 the office car of Toyota Land Cruiser has approached on Vyacheslav Telegin`s house. Unexpectedly through a back door the man has rushed into the car with the person closed by a mask and, having directed a pistol on the driver, has ordered to it to be silent. As has told the representative of investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Kemerovo region Nadezhda Ananeva when Vyacheslav Telegin has approached to the car with the four-year daughter, the malefactor under a pistol barrel has forced them to sit down in the car and ordered to go to the driver on city suburb. There he has demanded, that the candidate for mayors has called the wife and ordered to prepare for it 30 million rbl.

However when the criminal has tried to connect to Vyacheslav Telegin hands, that together with the driver has snatched on it. Resisting, the robber has had time to make one shot, but the bullet has had in a car body. During struggle to the malefactor has strongly got, and it it was necessary to deliver hospital. There it was found out that the patient the diabetic and consequently at it blood is badly turned off. Physicians had to make considerable efforts to save life to the wounded man. His name is not informed. It is known only that to the malefactor 54 years.

investigating bodies have filed criminal charges on ch. 2 items 126 (abduction of the minor, two and more persons, with application of violence, the weapon, from mercenary promptings ), ch. 3 items 30 and ch. 2 items 105 (attempt at the murder interfaced to extortion) the criminal code of Russian Federation.

to receive Vyacheslav Telegin`s comments yesterday it was not possible: in a pre-election staff and its city administration was not, and phones of the official did not answer.