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Firm repetition

Grigory Dashevsky about the Lawyer John Grishema

In John Grishema`s new novel the Lawyer the general subject same scheme that in the early novel Firm : the brilliant graduate of law school gets to the big legal office. But since Firms has passed 20 years, and in this time all readers of Grishema have learnt by heart that the big legal firms is big harm, and everyone who goes there to work, it is possible to despise in advance for avidity and unscrupulousness, - the good person, that is such to which the reader could empathize, of the own free will there for what will go. This problem is solved in the Lawyer not without wit - the hero comes to firm that against the will.

this firm, as well as all similar firms at Grishema, benefits only to itself and large corporations, and these corporations a little than differ from a mafia: Trajlon Represents the unscrupulous contractor who fills up the country with cheap stuff, inflates the government and tax bearers, trades in the weapon - thousand in what not guilty people, and to the power small dictators " come as a result perish;. Besides that work in large legal firm is a service to harm, in this service there is even nothing fascinating: it appears wearisome and humiliating slavery. Employees work for 20 hours a day, sleep under a table at office, fall in faints from an overstrain, and an essence of their work in that hours to copy cards or in the conditions of the strict privacy to x-copy millions documents.

this office slavery on ideology " Keeps; a deserved success - and this ideology of Grishem fairly represents as ridiculous - especially after crisis of 2008 - babble: Where we with you are, Kajl? It is Uoll - strit, absolute top of success in America. We have subdued it is thanks to mind, an iron will and the talent granted by the sky. As the proof money which we earn serve. We are allocated by the right to live how us arranges, do not forget it, my boy .

About corporate slavery and about poverty of its justifications we read in set of Russian and translation books, but Grishem, unlike the usual unmasker of a corporate vanity, knows that to this vanity to oppose. It continuously reminds: there is also an intelligent work, the world to office is not reduced. When the young lawyer speaks: I practically live on work. As well as each new employee, I there both eat, and I sleep. Such is the developed system. Doctors too for 20 hours a day are on duty in hospitals. Thank God, we deal with healthy people at once it is clear that those who does not sleep for 20 hours for the sake of healthy rich men, idiots, and those who does not sleep for the sake of patients, live enviably - intelligent life. For the sake of a reminder on intelligent life of Grishem enters into the novel collateral lines - a community anonymous alcoholics or the lawyers working among people and for people .

But here in what a trouble - earlier Grishem was able to push together representatives of corporate harm and simple human good in fascinating legal duels and to think out to the good judge or the fair lawyer striking remarks and smart plans. And here good are represented in one heads, bad - in others, they provide ideological contrast, but with each other do not face, therefore the reader does not feel any passion. Books of Grishema, in general, always were socially - political statements in the form of thrillers on (almost always) legal subjects. However earlier, in the same to Firm or the Client these statements of Grishem transformed into a fascinating fiction, and now to it, apparently, has simply bothered to invent. The first not invented book devoted to a real miscarriage of justice, Innocent (2006), he obviously wrote with passion, indignation and other strong feelings, and in the Lawyer it once again convicts invented villains, as if from - under sticks. In a real case with real people of Grishem was engaged as with enthusiasm as its any positive character from small lawyer offices, and the novel has written with the same mehanichnostju from what earn the huge money negative employees of the big legal firms.

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