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Disqualification of Russian gymnast Gorjunovoj

the International federation of gymnastics (FIG) is confirmed has confirmed year disqualification of Russian gymnast Christina Gorjunovoj. It have convicted of the dope use.
as one of heads National antidopingovoj has informed the organisations Alexander Derevoedov, Gorjunova has been disqualified for a year by Federation of sports gymnastics of Russia for the use diuretika, entering into the list of the forbidden substances. According to the sportswoman, the preparation has got to its organism casually together with a bioadditive turboslim which it accepted, wishing to dump weight. By rules of the International Olympic committee (IOC) of Gorjunova has not the right to act on the Olympic games of 2012 in London as the sportsman who has received disqualification for a dope more than for six months, cannot take part in the nearest Olympic Games. However, according to mister Derevoedova, this rule still has been never applied, as the corresponding amendment the IOC has been brought in the Charter recently. Full clearness in the Olympic prospects of the Russian will bring FIG. It is necessary to wait for the decision of the international federation - quotes on March, 11th Alexander Derevoedova of RIA News .