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The clarified cheburek

Indabar in October and new menu The Apartment
the First signs tanduri
In Arcady Novikova`s restaurant empire have occurred the next castling. Instead of club BarFly which has appeared, in turn, on place Black October Bar, has opened Indabar which works in a genre pre - party with 18. 00 to 6. 00. In comparison with the unlucky predecessors gravitating to to a club format that is why not got under a sight of restaurant criticism - Weekend Indabar resembles usual Moscow restaurant more. With that only a difference that does not work in the afternoon, and night here reigns always, without dependence from time of days: in halls so it is dark that together with the menu to visitors submit the small manual small lamps considerably facilitating process of reading and doing it similar to for a long time forgotten night vigils under a blanket with a small volume of Stevenson. When eyes will get used to a twilight and again will find ability to distinguish a detail, in a huge hall Indabara kaljannyh zones and three offices of a karaoke it is possible to find out two a lot of the interesting. The greatest, as in direct, and figuratively, pride of new restaurant - the huge wooden Buddha brought from India, together with a massive carved pedestal. The sculpture has occupied a place of honour between two bar counters (usual and kaljannoj), against is black - a white photo of the Indian temple Dilvara Zhanin Ranakpur XV century well-known for for 80 domes and 1400 columns. From different directions the Buddha is surrounded with burning candles, and from above in a mode online works a videocamera, broadcasting the image through numerous plasma panels, razveshannye on all restaurant. Thus, in what a corner Indabara you were, the effect of divine presence is guaranteed. Besides, from India have brought all fabrics for sofas and pillows, wooden candlesticks in the form of crocodiles and camels, fixtures and many other authentic details. As a matter of fact, the Indian colour of a new institution also is settled by it. In the menu Indabara the most different appear east spetsialitety, led by safe Central Asian hits. In a mysterious gloom of eternal night under prigljadom the all-seeing Buddha it is possible to order, having used a small lamp, shurpu (250 rbl.), lagman (250 rbl.), chebureks (100 rbl. for a piece), samsu (110 rbl. for a piece), ljulja - kebab from mutton (390 rbl.), plov (290 rbl.) and chuchvaru (240 rbl.) . It is possible not to doubt workmanship of all these dishes, after all they are present almost at every second novikovskom the menu (truth, it is far not everywhere at so low prices). The cheburek bubbles, crackles and expires the mutton juice, samsa burns spicy juicy forcemeat with spicy grasses, hot ljulja - kebab teases sense of smell aroma sumaha and the onions, manually made lagman with whistle departs to a mouth. Beaters have appeared the second invariable component of the menu - for them the head cook Elena Jugaj (it in combination the chief " answers; Small Japan located here in October ) which, according to Novikova, perfectly prepares. So for California (520 rbl.) and Philadelphia (340 rbl.) too it is possible not to worry. Besides, Indabar offers dimsamy with a shrimp, pork or a hen (on 250 rbl.), beef on - kantonski (280 rbl.) Tiger shrimps with a celery and keshju (480 rbl.), pork in turned sour - sweet sauce with pineapple (280 rbl.). Hookahs a la carte on milk (1400 rbl.) are separately offered, svezhevyzhatom juice (1500 rbl.), fault (1600 rbl.), absinthe liqueur (1800 rbl.), cognac (2300 rbl.) - without them to night restaurant better and not to open. And over 20 kinds of tobacco, including honey a cigar babl din chocolate hookahs - in the most different combinations. The menu and without the European key positions, after all in Moscow in the afternoon, at night anywhere without salad " has not managed; Caesar (320 rbl.) and rukoly with shrimps (380 rbl.), mozzarellas with tomatoes (450 rbl.) and karpachcho from a salmon (450 rbl.), a stake ribaj (950 rbl.) and a fillet sibasa on a grill (490 rbl.) . There was a place in the menu even for kazy and humusa, and here the Indian dish was found only one - a hen tanduri, marinaded in the adapted strawberry yoghurt, fried and submitted with rukoloj (350 rbl.) . However, and this already big achievement, speak, Arcady Novikov well at all does not love Indian cuisine therefore also any Indian restaurant till now has not opened. Indabar as you have already understood, did not become an exception.

correct minestrone
Restaurant The Apartment has essentially updated the menu after arrival of the new chief. Michael Tuzhilkin, the pupil of Italian chief Marko Monti passing practice in Milan Da Giacomo, has headed for an author cuisine with classical European basis. If former chief The Apartment indulged in courageous experiments in the field of new Siberian kitchen its successor has completely refused Russian remarks a parte, having concentrated on the foreign primary source, - for Moscow a step rather risky. The present menu a la carte causes respect first of all the conceptual integrity, in it there is no aspiration so typical for the Moscow restaurants to do a favour both yours, and ours Offering through a comma a borsch and minestrone. By the way, minestrone (390 rbl.) mister Tuzhilkin prepares from 12 vegetables as it learnt in Italy, instead of from three - four as cooked before its arrival. Has undergone an innovation and tomato soup (720 rbl.) which prepares now with seafood. Among section novelties - a cream - soup from korenev, in which number pasternak, a celery root, a leek, the French potato (410 rbl.). But we will return to the menu beginning. On snack Michael Tuzhilkin offers salad from artichokes and a fig (760 rbl.) . Under the laconic name the most complicated combination from marinaded artichokes, a fresh fig, a spicy root fenhelja, a fillet of grapefruit and an orange, salad leaves, proroshchennoj wheat, tomatoes cherri, filled with white sauce from pulp of an artichoke and olive green oil with grasses disappears. A dish very bright, perhaps, even scandalous in attempt to combine sweet, sharp and sour, but undoubtedly original. In the same original manner the chief prepares salad from a yellow corn chicken with chicory and fruit (660 rbl.), a mozzarella with tomatoes submits in a kind milfeja (580 rbl.), karpachcho from a salmon serve soya sprouts (650 rbl.), and tartar from beef submits with tomato sorbetom (800 rbl.). Hardly appreciable Japanese notes sound in section of hot snack where Alsace fua - gra with wood berries in tjulipnom the test (1400 rbl.) adjoins with spring - beaters to vegetables in kunzhutnom oil (540 rbl.) and crab phalanxes on a pillow from a leek (3150 rbl.) . By the way, with spring - a beater and vasabi the stake from a tuna (1350 rbl.) which line in a saffron with fruit salsoj (1850 rbl. is offered on hot along with a fillet sea), Chilean sibasom with vegetables on pair (1690 rbl.) and the Norwegian halibut with vegetable zhjulenom (850 rbl.) moves also. The main fish offer The Apartment - allsorts of seafood on two persons (6990 rbl.) - author`s in any way you will not name, its flavouring advantages depend exclusively on quality of initial seafood: halves of a lobster, tiger shrimps, langustinov, an octopus, sea combs and a squid. But duck grudka in original support of a maple syrup (1590 rbl.) can obviously apply for the status of a dish from the chief, as well as the veal kidneys with ceps, a leek and panchettoj (890 rbl.), and also minced steak with cheese Philadelphia (1180 rbl.) Having it is not enough of general with a domestic cutlet. Has extended with arrival of the new chief and section of pastes in which its Italian practice was showed especially accurately, thanking lingvini with langustinami and tsukini (1100 rbl.), a spaghetti with shrimps and an asparagus (690 rbl.), talolini with crab meat (1250 rbl.), fettuchini with a lamb in tomato sauce (740 rbl.), rizotto with a lobster (1890 rbl.), with ceps (640 rbl.) and with ink of a cuttlefish (850 rbl.) . The same concerns and the Florentine stake (490 rbl. for 100) which is fried on a grill from the American beef premium. In general, many products are brought to restaurant from - for borders and have teruarnyj the status, this circumstance frankly high prices partly justify. Further Michael Tuzhilkin plans to use seasonal products terroire for special offers from the chief. So, with the beginning of a season of white truffles it is going to enter special trjufelnoe the menu from five - seven dishes. On assurances of the chief, earlier in The Apartment it was not. Now will be for certain...

Indabar (****)
The Apartment (****)