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Payoff without abusing

In Novosibirsk the legal investigation were a top - managers of Open Society " is finished; Airport Tolmachevo . eks - general director Alexey Chertenkov and its assistant Alexey Artemyev are accused of commercial payoff - extortion at tenants of shares in their business. Misters Chertenkov and Artemyev of the fault do not recognise, and charge in abusing powers has been removed from them still during the investigation.
the West Siberian transport public prosecutor Sergey Feoktistov yesterday has informed on end of a legal investigation of the former heads of airport Tolmachevo of Alexey Chertenkova and Alexey Artemyev. To Chertenkovu and Artemyev accusation in commercial payoff (ch is brought to misters. 4 items 204 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). These persons actually extorted from businessmen who were engaged in rendering of services at the airport, shares in business. In other words, attempt rejderskogo capture " has been spent; - the public prosecutor has declared. In Western - the Siberian investigatory management on transport comments have refused.

as informed , business in the relation a top - managers of Tolmachevo under item 201 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Abusing powers ) and ch. 4 items 204 ( Commercial payoff ) It has been raised in last year on the basis of the statement of businessman Valery Djakonova. It is the co-owner of Open Company novosibirskservistsentr which rented at the area airport under shops and the public catering enterprises. Mister Djakonov has informed militiamen interrogating it that besides an official rent he paid for using the areas in addition about 1,5 million rbl. a month. Such conditions, according to business materials, it was ostensibly put by Alexey Chertenkova Artemyev`s assistant and the spouse of the general director Larissa Chertenkova (at various times worked as the assistant to the commercial director, the director for development and airport marketing). As the victim has told, in the summer with increase in a volume of passenger traffic the size of informal payments increased also, in osenne - a winter season payments decreased. Transfer of money, as he said, occurred in an office of madam Chertenkovoj. Further, according to the applicant, mister Artemyev ostensibly operating under instructions of the general director, under the threat of cancellation of lease contracts has compelled to copy 80 % - nuju a share in novosibirskservistsentre on the old friend of mister Chertenkova Andrey Polomoshnova.

on June, 1st, 2009 mister Artemyev was detained on a workplace by employees of district management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The court of a city of Ob authorised its arrest. Alexey Chertenkov was at this time in Spain. Yesterday he has informed that was to the inspector under the first summons which has been written out for September, 23rd. since then we regularly communicate with the inspector - mister Chertenkov has added. It has refrained From more detailed comments. According to the assistant to West Siberian transport public prosecutor Mikaila Askerova when mister Chertenkov has returned from - for a boundary and has started to co-operate with the investigation, necessity for its holding in custody has disappeared. eks - the head of the airport have released under a subscription about nevyezde. In a consequence a top - managers have been dismissed.

during the investigation to one more victims on business the head of transport company co-operating with Tolmachevo Michael Kozodoenko has been recognised. At the same time charge in abusing powers has been removed from the former heads of the airport.

in Office of Public Prosecutor have informed that misters Chertenkov and Artemyev did not recognise fault on one of episodes. As Alexey Artemyev Sergey Nikolay`s lawyer when investigation has been finished has told, court Nikolay`s lawyer has changed to its client a preventive punishment to monetary pledge at a rate of 5 million rbl. Results of investigation did not begin to make comments, having noticed that will achieve in court of the justification of the former assistant to the general director. The lawyer of mister Chertenkova Ruslan of Nightingales was inaccessible yesterday to comments.