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Dmitry Medvedev has gone for Aman Tuleyev`s new term

Dmitry Medvedev has decided not to change developed in Kuzbas for last 12 years of tradition of management. Yesterday he has submitted for consideration country council a nominee of operating governor Aman Tuleyev. Before mister Tuleyev the first president Boris Yeltsin and its successor already recommended for this post Vladimir Putin.
the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev not for long thought over that whom to charge to supervise over the Kemerovo region. On March, 1st an United Russia has offered it of three candidates on a post of the governor, on March, 9th the president has approved the list of candidates, and last night a press - the service of the head of the state has informed that mister Medvedev has stopped the choice on Aman Tuleyev.

to Aman Tuleyev this year 66 years will be executed. It has begun the political career in 1990 when has been selected in the Supreme body of RSFSR and in country council of deputies. First ten years of this career it was considered as one of the brightest figures in a camp of the left. For example, in October 1993 - go it has acted on the party of the rebellious Supreme body and has created oppositional regional movement Democracy. Tuleyev`s block . Mister Tuleyev stood in presidents of the Russian Federation three times, once having removed the nominee in favour of the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov. Then Aman Tuleyev`s political convictions began to change gradually. After presidential election of 1996 Aman Tuleyev has been appointed by the minister of affairs of the CIS, and in a year Boris Yeltsin`s decree the head of administration of the Kemerovo region. In October 1997 has won governor`s elections (has received 95 % of voices), in April, 2001 has been re-elected for the second term (93,5 %). In 2005 president Vladimir Putin has prolonged term of its powers till 2010. The same year the head of Kuzbas has entered in an United Russia . Term of its present powers expires on April, 20th.

we Will remind that in the list of candidates offered an United Russia on consideration of the president, besides mister Tuleyev its first deputy Valentine Mazikin and the deputy of the State Duma, a member of federal party leadership of the power Sergey Neverov have entered. all nominees absolutely equivalent - has declared then the chairman of a high council an United Russia Boris Gryzlov, having added that for party the main thing, that the region was headed by the effective head . However this statement in Kuzbas could not mislead anybody. A source in one of region public authorities asserted that the main nominee there was and remains operating governor Aman Tuleyev and two other nominees are nominal and their occurrence is caused only by the legislation requirement.

In not numerous Kuzbass opposition also did not feed any illusions about the presidential decision. a choice at Medvedev so, and at Kuzbas, simply is not present - have estimated the list of candidates from an United Russia in regional committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. However, in regional branch Fair Russia specified that though Tuleyev, of course, the strongest nominee from three offered but the president of the Russian Federation could use the lawful possibility given to it to offer the alternative to these candidates.

it is definitive all doubts has dispelled a course of February visit of Dmitry Medvedev to Kuzbas. How communicated the president with the governor, it was visible that Aman Tuleyev does not need to be afraid of resignation though by the time of the expiration of new governor`s term to it will be already for 70.