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Julia Peshkovoj`s choice

Suitcases Gascase from Ivorilla
Who all time complains, what confuses the suitcase to its twins on a conveyor tape? Cease to complain and look at it. Such with what you will not mix. Too it happened to designer Ivaru Pu to face a similar problem, therefore he has thought up to make a suitcase not similar to others. But it is not simple there any colour or in peas, and essentially not the similar. He has thought up to put luggage in the canister from - under gasoline. The idea unevident, but convinces result that Ivar was right: Gascase strong, small (will descend for hand luggage), convenient enough and precisely original. The weight hardly is more than average, but comprehensible. At the given stage while yet so it is a lot of suitcases to meet at the airport of the person with just the same it is improbable. But even if the such happens, it is an occasion to acquaintance, than to frustration more likely.

www. ivorilla. com

Collection Echos from Pour les Alpes
Crafts and handicraftsmen - very actual now words in a design lexicon. Modern handicraftsmen have all the same, as at designers, - exhibitions, competitions, schools, associations and boutiques. Yes, actually, them among themselves sometimes also you will not distinguish. Handicraftsmen not against modern technologies and materials, and at the majority of designers are the studio which let out in the small portions products concerning handwork. Even those from them who works by request of the big factories, strive to introduce in the quite industrial targets a handwork element. Because so it is now correct. In general, on this background absolutely it is no wonder that the first collection of Swiss studio Pour les Alpes has caused unequivocal approval of the design public. Two girls - Tina Stiger and Annina Gaviler have chosen very correct concept on these days: Alloy of design and traditional crafts of the Swiss Alpes. For design, clear business, they answer, and for traditions - the various workshops which are carrying out them orders. The combination has turned out very successful, knowingly the collection is accepted on hurrah. Only three subjects enter Into it. Ehrfurcht sings of the nature and skill of woodcarvers. It is a massive dresser from the local pine covered with an interline interval ebenovogo of a tree. On the centre it there passes a break reminding gorge in mountains (the Alpes all - taki). When the dresser opens, the cave with mountainous internal walls is inside found out. Neugierde it is devoted local architecture. It is almost natural house on legs, in traditions of this region covered fur-tree shchepoj. Doors - windows rise, opening brightly - a red interior. Sehnsucht advertises laces and again the nature. Concerning a simple dresser from a chestnut tree it is decorated by a piece of a silk lace of handwork (designers specify that on its manufacturing at skilled workers 200 hours leave) which, in turn, is covered epoksidnoj by pitch. The pattern and colour of a lace remind disappearing Alpine glaciers. All in a collection is good: both design curious, and crafts are chosen not banal. One problem: each subject exists only in six copies, and its price, certainly, inversely proportional to quantity. That is it is not so much design craft, how many design art. And it is already less actual. Tendencies demand to be closer to the people.

www. pourlesalpes. ch

collection The Gospel from Studio Job
Dutch Studio Job it is not necessary to represent. At them reputation of one of the main originals from design, for their projects wait as New year, and unlike New year they never disappoint. Despite obvious popularity, Dutches manage to keep a certain innuendo, they do not pursue orders and circulations, prefer difficult and piece projects. Their niche - that design art, and in it they one of the best. Especially they manage ware if it is possible so to name cups in human growth, a porcelain tower and other projects. Their last work, The Gospel, it too in any sense ware. Well at least partly. Idea of the project - modern and a bit comic interpretation of Christian symbols. Designers admit that any religions do not profess, but are respectful to them and did not mean ridicule or God forbid an insult. Exclusively with good resolves, so to say. The project consists of three parts. The first and the most unusual (in the appendix to design) - a stained-glass window in a frame from the pink tree, representing the Birth and the Crucifixion. The second part very much in the spirit of Studio Job - huge pig-iron service in weight of two tons. In the third part first two meet. It is the faience service of the normal size which has taken the form of pig-iron sculptures and drawing of a stained-glass window. Its old partner of studio - ancient Dutch manufactory Royal Tichelaar Makkum has made. More precisely, services two. The first, stuck together and painted manually, exists in the single copy. The second, just the same, but put on a stream, it is possible to buy in shop. As usual with Studio Job, experts Makkum had to tinker. Traditionally the factory uses muffled tone, mainly dark blue, and they had to develop new, bright colours for manufacturing of service. But looks it is fresh and it is a little naive, as well as reflected. By the way, the service " is called; The Last Supper ( the Last Supper ) . And it, perhaps, unique bad joke Studio Job.

www. studiojob. nl

Chandelier Shoal from Scabetti
it is possible, it will sound strange, but fishes in a fashion. All right still butterflies, birdies - something which are traditionally considered to darlings. However recently I everywhere will come across fishes under different sauce: fishes are drawn at the bottom of a plate (it, we will put, it is normal), ceramic fishes as though in suicide attempt jump out of glass vases and aquariums, ceramic, steel, porcelain and so forth fishes are suspended on threads and represent such flying flight, decorative fishes are on sale on weight and by the piece, as any herring. I even have bought a little just in case where - nibud too I will hang up. Dominik and Frensis of Bromley were one of the first who has felt approach of a fish fashion. And it is possible, they - that and have started it. Their first work - chandelier Shoal from 286 porcelain big fishes turned round a lamp, has caused the uttermost furore. Awards, exhibitions, publications in magazines, copies - a word, it is available all signs of success. At the same time with fishes they have started a fashion on fixtures from porcelain, fragile, heavy, impractical, but wildly the beautiful. The following couple of years after a premiere designers was engaged in cloning of the chandelier for numerous fish restaurants (still they would not snatch with orders) and experiments with other forms (for example, a bulb), successful, but less effective. And here at last - that continuation of history: two new versions Shoal. It is necessary to tell, predicted enough. GoldFish is same porcelain flight, but reduced (186 individuals) and covered 24 - karatnym gold. Not bad, but not the best colour for fish, smells slightly of sprats from canned food. The second version, on the contrary, increased (386 fishes) also is made of transparent glass. This direction much more perspective. Transparent small fishes - the phenomenon natural enough, as well as a chandelier with glass suspension brackets. Designers hint at the further succession of events - colour occurrence. Here it will be cheerful. If only the fashion does not pass earlier.

www. scabetti. co. uk