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The maternity home has opened the bad account

Investigating bodies of Altay territory have brought action about a poisoning with medical preparations of four patients of the regional maternity home one of which has died, another has lost the child. To women preparations on the basis of a physical solution made by local station of blood transfusion have been entered. At a consequence two versions of the happened: a poor-quality physical solution and a negligence of medical staff of maternity home.
in spite of the fact that incident in maternity home of district Keys (Altay territory) has occurred still on March, 4th, it became known about it only yesterday. As has told the senior assistant administrator of Altay investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation Lyudmila Ryazantsev, this day four lying-in women have ailed. At pregnant patients reaction was observed pirogennaja: rise in temperature and arterial pressure, a fever, pains in a waist.

on business materials, 25 - summer Anna Koljasnikovoj Cesarean section has urgently been spent. The medical staff has left the baby in maternity home, mother on reanimobile have taken to hospital Barnaul where she has died on March, 8th. The preliminary diagnosis - infringement of coagulability of blood and a brain hypostasis . Anna Koljasnikovoj`s child has survived. At 34 - the summer Natalia Guzhevenko working as the nurse in local hospital, the dead child was born. Two more patients of maternity home, Victoria Gorovaja and Maria Timoshenko, are now hospitalised in medical institutions of the regional centre, their children are in maternity home.

inspectors have established that to women shortly before it intravenously various medical preparations have been entered: aktovegin, eufillin, vitamin C. However a basis - a physical solution - the medical staff took from one bottle. And women felt not very well in the same sequence in which it entered preparations. Management SKP on the given fact has brought action on ch. 2 items 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Manufacture, storage, transportation or production sale, performance of the services which are not meeting the requirements of safety, entailed on imprudence death of the person ) .

As the chief of Kulundinsky interdistrict department SKP across Altay territory Alexander Genzel has told, the physical solution has been made at Rubtsovsky station of blood transfusion, the party from 400 bottles is put in maternity home. As the bottle with a preparation has appeared is empty, samples of a physical solution are taken from walls of a small bottle and are directed for chemical examination. Researches of several small bottles with a physical solution from the same party have shown that the preparation corresponds to all norms. According to mister Genzelja, it is not excluded that from all party of the physical solution which has arrived in maternity home, only one bottle has appeared poor-quality.

it is possible, the inspector considers, it is a question of a medical staff negligence. In favour of last version says that, according to officials of regional public health services, hundreds bottles of a physical solution of this series have been received by a number of hospitals of region and any complaint to quality of a preparation did not arrive. As Victor Jakovlev has informed the deputy chief of management of public health services, the medical institution is on good to the account, claims to personnel work were not till now. in the course of treatment in a hospital pregnant women received medical products strictly under medical indications - the official has noted.

according to the head of the Altay management Roszdravnadzora Vladimir Treshutina, department last year had been revealed infringements of requirements of manufacturing of preparations. He asserts that ostensibly the blood transfusion station has the licence for manufacture of preparations only for own needs, but not for deliveries in other medical institutions. About it, according to mister Treshutina, it informed Office of Public Prosecutor, management on public health services and pharmaceutical activity of Altay territory. According to Vladimir Treshutina, investigation of the happened is on control of head Minzdravsotsrazvitija Tatyana Golikovoj.