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The gold touch

In Omsk regional court has pronounced a sentence to a gang of robbers. In April, 2009 they have plundered one of city pawnshops and have killed its employee. Attacking have stolen gold ornaments and money for the sum of 5,6 million rbl. Jurymen recognised all three robbers guilty, and on a sentence of court they have received in total 55 years of imprisonment.
yesterday the Omsk regional court on the basis of an accusatory verdict of jurymen has pronounced a sentence to the gang which has plundered in April, 2009 a city pawnshop. During a touch the attacking have killed its employee - 34 - summer Alexander Barygina. the Court has sentenced Vladimir Ukolova to 23 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a standard regime penal colony, Alexander Komaritsina - by 20 years and Artema Smagulova - by 12 years with punishment serving in a high security colony. To collect with Ukolova, Smagulova and Komaritsina is solidary on account of indemnification of the moral harm caused to Ekaterina Baryginoj, 500 thousand rbl. - has read a sentence judge Nikolay Garkusha. Defendants recognised as guilty of fulfilment of the crimes provided by the item z ch. 2 items 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( the Murder made by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement, interfaced to gangsterism ), item 209 ( Gangsterism ), the item and in ch. 4 items 162 ( the Robbery made by organised group with a view of zavladenija by property in especially large size with causing of heavy harm to health of the victim ) and ch. 3 items 222 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Illegal acquisition, transfer, storage, transportation or the weapon carrying, made by the organised group ) .

On criminal case materials, a gang of robbers on April, 5th, 2009 has organised 50 - summer earlier the offender for murder the deputy director of realtor agency 777 Vladimir Ukolov. He has offered 23 - to summer Alexander Komaritsinu and 34 - to summer Artemu Smagulovu to plunder Open Company pawnshop Western - the Siberian pawnshop located in fair territory the Trading city and not having any protection. Malefactors have decided not to leave witnesses. For this purpose the leader has armed group with a pistol with the muffler and ammunition. In the afternoon on April, 7th Vladimir Ukolov has taken the podelnikov to a pawnshop, and itself remained to wait in the car. Komaritsin and Smagulov have entered into a pawnshop under the pretext of clients and, to distract attention of its employee Alexander Barygina, have shown it a gold ring ostensibly for pledge. While that examined an ornament, Komaritsin has got a pistol and has shot to the inspector at a head two times. The victim has died on the spot.

Attacking quickly have taken away gold ornaments, a cash - 23 thousand rbl., have taken a videocamera from the next shop. In total stolen has pulled on 5,6 million rbl. After that they have met Vladimir Ukolovym and in the car have transferred it the stolen gold and a pistol. The leader of a gang has sold a part of gold ornaments and has paid podelnikam 160 thousand rbl. for two.

have detained a gang in some days, on April, 12th, in Stavropol Territory. the information on criminals has appeared in bodies this very day - on April, 7th. At Komaritsina very remembered appearance - a short hairstyle, red hair and a beard. Therefore half the Trading city them has remembered, and it is possible to find for them - state accuser Anton Tchernyshov has told . The senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the Omsk region Tatyana Borodina has added that at detention the part of jewels has been withdrawn from robbers for the sum about 3,5 million rbl.

investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation across the Omsk region was engaged in criminal case Investigation. It is judicial - psychiatric examination recognised participants of a gang made. On court Vladimir Ukolov has demanded, that business was considered by jurymen. According to Tatyana Borodinoj, in judicial session Having pricked the fault did not recognise, and it podelniki tried to convince jurymen that a crime have made together. As a result the jury recognised all three guilty.

Alexander Komaritsina Igor Mosenzov`s lawyer has informed yesterday that does not intend to appeal against sentence. my client has told to me, it is not necessary what to appeal against sentence, and under the law I should support its position. I consider, the sentence could be heavier, it was demanded by jurymen and Office of Public Prosecutor. It is possible to tell that the court has regretted them, after all lifelong imprisonment, Komaritsinu - 23 years, and Smagulovu - 17 years " asked to appoint Ukolovu; - the lawyer has explained.

State charge also remains enough judgement and has not excluded that will not appeal against sentence. all defendants have received big enough terms of punishment. The only thing, charge insisted on a life imprisonment of Ukolova. We in this part still will weigh all, and is not excluded that we will be limited to that term which have appointed - Anton Tchernyshov has explained.