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Municipal party of the Russian Federation

“ an United Russia “ declared the Perm edge region, where a situation in municipal sector “ especially strained “: according to party, tariffs for housing and communal services in Perm since January have grown on 93 %. At the initiative of the speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov to understand with it in our corner of the world and in three “ the difficult subject “ there will arrive the special party commission. For a long time protesting against increase of municipal tariffs communists the initiative “ an United Russia “ are surprised and explain a loud statement by elections exclusively planned for Sunday.
as informs a site “ an United Russia “ following the results of the selector meeting which has taken place on March, 9th with regions on a problem of growth of tariffs for housing and communal services which was spent by the chairman of the State Duma, the chairman of a high council of party Boris Gryzlov, the decision to direct the party commission in regions, where a situation with growth of tariffs especially strained is accepted. The Perm edge has got to number of four especially difficult regions also. In Perm, according to party, since January growth of tariffs for housing and communal services was hardly probable not the highest in the country - 93 %. The commission which will be engaged in studying of these facts, the first has headed honourable energetik the Russian Federation, zamrukovoditelja the Duma fraction of United Russia party members Vladimir Pehtin. “ the commission Problem to understand with the reasons of growth of tariffs and to offer ways of a solution of a problem which people " today have faced; - it is told in the statement “ an United Russia “.

Tariffs for heat, gas and the electric power which affirm the Regional power commission (REK) the Perm edge, this year grew, but official indicators of growth do not coincide with the party. Yesterday and. Pavel Ivashkin has declared an island of chairman REK „“: “ Yet I do not understand, the figure in 93 % whence undertook. Possibly, it is a question of growth of payment of citizens for utilities “. According to REK, the payment for an electricity for the majority of inhabitants of Perm has grown this year with 2,05 to 2,26 rbl. for kw. Growth of the tariff for heat, according to the commission, has made 17,6 %. Thus the Perm municipal duma differentiated the specification of consumption of heat on houses different etazhnosti. As have explained „“ in municipal management of housing and communal services, this decision has allowed to lower a little a payment for heat for the majority of apartment houses. Increase of a payment for heat nevertheless has concerned inhabitants one - two - and three-storyed houses in which design are put big teplopoteri. Also this year on 17 % cost of services of water supply has grown. It is connected with the decision Perm gordumy to include in this tariff the investment extra charge, for which account the tenant of the Perm water canal - Open Company “ New mountains - Prikamye “ is going to reconstruct Chusovsky treatment facilities. The payment for gas has increased - for apartments with hot water retail price counting on one person makes 32,76 rbl. Thus growth of tariffs was accompanied by the social intensity caused by a monetization of social benefits on payment of housing and communal services for separate categories of exempts. This decision was accepted Legislative Assembly at the initiative of the regional government.

the secretary of political council prikamskogo branches “ an United Russia “ Gennady Tushnolobov has declared „“ that the local cell did not give to party leadership the data about growth of tariffs. This information, according to the leader, “ an United Russia “ has received from Minregionrazvitija of the Russian Federation. To what conclusions the commission of mister Pehtina can come and that will follow it, the leader of local United Russia party members has found it difficult to tell, having noticed only that “ such actions was not " earlier;. He has assumed that Party members can “ to make recommendations “. The head of executive committee Perm “ an United Russia “ Oleg Sukhorukov has informed „“ that in regional branch about commission arrival led by Vladimir Pehtinym have learnt “ Only from a site “. As he said, the local party cell from the beginning of 2009 carries out monitoring through the primary organisations “ an United Russia “. It was as a result found out that rural territories have not suffered from a monetization, while in small cities and in Perm quantity of citizens which received a privilege in cost expression to a monetization more than after, is estimated tens thousand. “ we have sent these parties given in the Central Electoral Committee. But it is clear that they receive the information from many sources “ - mister Sukhorukov has noted.

what exactly will be done by this commission in Perm and when it will arrive to a city, it is not known yet. Yesterday United Russia party members have visited Samara. As transfers a party site, committee-men, “ having divided into small groups, have gone with check on the enterprises - service providers of housing and communal services:„ Samaravodokanal “, generating and management companies “. Following the results of these visits a number of rigid statements has been made. For example, the deputy of the State Duma Andrey Chirkin has declared that “ the regional authorities and the organisations giving housing and communal services, have no neither moral, nor the legal right to overestimate municipal tariffs “.

“ an United Russia “ any more the first political force who pays attention to growth of tariffs. This theme actively uses the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, including its Perm cell. In February local communists on meeting even have demanded resignation of mayor Igor Shubina from walls of administration of Perm. According to the first secretary krajkoma Vladimir Korsuna`s parties, that United Russia party members have addressed to this theme now, “ it is connected with forthcoming elections “ (uniform day of voting is planned this Sunday. -„ “). “ To stop growth of tariffs which the regional authorities initiated on “an United Russia“ pointer, mass protest actions, instead of arrival of any commission " can only; - mister Korsun believes.