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Is no time any vegetable the largest manufacturer of vegetables in Perm - hothouse industrial complex “ Perm “ it is recognised by the bankrupt. The competitive managing director should liquidate a debt before creditors at a rate of 126 million rbl., from which 113 million rbl. - debts before Perm otelerom Alexander Polevym. According to directors, the reason of deterioration of a financial position - growth of tariffs for energy. In turn its proprietor - Rosimushchestvo - is assured that bankruptcy is deliberate. Department has already addressed with the corresponding statement in law enforcement bodies.
past Wednesday the decision of arbitration court of the Perm edge it has been recognised by insolvent Open Society “ Hothouse industrial complex “Perm“ “ (100 % of actions belong to Rosimushchestvu). The competitive managing director had been confirmed Evgenie Rogozin. The industrial complex accounts payable, according to the managing director, makes about 126 million rbl., of them 113 million rbl. - A debt to the Perm businessman Alexander Polevym (supervises Joint-Stock Company “ In - 1336 “ hotel New Star and about 30 % of the oil company “ Uniform oil-field power supply systems “. - „“) while balance cost of property is estimated in 119 million rbl. According to Evgenie Rogozin, bankruptcy is not deliberate that proves to be true the financial analysis of its activity.

however in terupravlenii Rosimushchestva have declared yesterday „“ that do not agree with conclusions of the managing director. By words and. An island of the head terupravlenija Galinas Postanogovoj, still in the end of the last year the statement has been sent to the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on behalf of department with the request to check up industrial complex about deliberate bankruptcy. “ we consider that in financial position deterioration have resulted administration actions “ - madam Postanogova has explained. Results of this check are not known yet.

Open Society “ TK “Perm“ “ - The former branch of agroholding FGUP largest in Perm “ Verhnemullinsky “ aktsionirovano in 2008. Made about 40 % of vegetables for needs of Perm. The area of hothouses makes 16 hectares of a covered ground. The area of all ground area - 50 hectares. The sales volume made earlier more than 150 million rbl. a year. The enterprise has stopped activity since October, 15th, 2009.

we Will remind that with the statement for bankruptcy TK “ Perm “ in the autumn of 2009 the owner of Perm hotel New Star Alexander Polev to whom the society has run into debt 113 million rbl. for electric power payment has addressed. It was supposed that the financial help of mister Poleva will help industrial complex to enter into the regional target program on state support of increase in volumes of realised agricultural production. In this case it was not excluded that mister Polev could become the possible investor who could develop manufacture at industrial complex. Such arrangement was between the enterprise and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Perm edge. However in the end of 2008 the enterprise has been deleted from the program.

it is necessary to notice that earlier have undergone procedure of bankruptcy and are sold some more were “ daughters “ FGUP “ Verhnemullinsky “ - “ Gamovo “ (autumn of 2009 for 32,8 million rbl. it was redeemed by the owner of holding “ Saturn - R “ Alexander Repin), the trading house “ Verhnemullinsky “ (summer of 2008 its property for 40 million rbl. has redeemed the physical person, the proprietor did not reveal) and Open Society “ the Top Mullahs “ (the new proprietor in January, 2010 became Open Company “ agros “ offered for property of the debtor of 44,8 million rbl.) .

Director TK “ Perm “ Farit Salimzebarov is assured that the statement for deliberate bankruptcy is unreasonable. “ for July, 1st, 2006 when I have come on the enterprise, the debts already was about 100 million rbl., - the head of industrial complex tells. - mister Polev has helped us to work as early as two years: all its money left on payment of debts of last years “. According to mister Salimzebarova, unprofitableness of the enterprise is connected with growth of tariffs for heat (about 20 %) and the electric power, besides that manufacture falling has increased in times.

in the regional government consider that the bankruptcy reason “ Perm “ - poor control of the property. “ normally to work, it is necessary to put up money in updating of technologies “ - considers and. An island vitse - a premiere of the regional government Elena Giljazova. As she said, TK “ Perm “ Entered into the program of support and last year received grants from the budget. However payments have stopped with the introduction into bankruptcy procedure.

Alexander Polev intends to repay a debt, asserting that actives TK “ Perm “ to it are not interesting. By its estimation, cost of the ground area of a society 10 million rbl. It now does not exceed also doubts that at “ Perm “ there will be an investor who will be capable “ to put and build anew “. “ We have considered that at present tariffs it will be necessary about 5 million euro to put new hothouses “ - the businessman tells.