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For death of my grandmother!

yesterday in Tomsk the attack on Tomsk governor Victor Kressa has been made. During official action local legal expert Sergey Zajkov has managed to come nearer to Victor Kressu and has struck it on the person. Attacking has explained that so has revenged for death of the grandmother who have died in November, 1999 after night searches on its apartment. The legal expert asserts that searches were spent from a tacit consent of mister Kressa standing then in third time on a post of the head of region. After incident Victor Kress to doctors did not address also has returned on a workplace. Concerning mister Zajkova criminal case on suspicion in an attack on the representative of the power with violence application is brought.
incident has occurred during the report of the mayor of Tomsk Nikolay Nikolajchuka before townsmen in a local Palace of creativity of children and youth. Organizers of action - Tomsk governor Victor Kress participated in it also - the city administration and a thought have acted. Order maintenance was watched by militia which prior to the beginning of a meeting why - that passed in a building not all. Militiamen and legal expert Sergey Zajkova have not started up. As the chief of department Tomsk gordumy Elena Utkin, mister Zajkov confirms, standing at an input, shouted that the meeting for the public, and it as the public man has the right to be present . City deputies have interfered With business. As a result protection has started up in all interested persons, including mister Zajkov.

Action was developed in a break. Sergey Zajkov directly in the Palace hall has approached to the Tomsk governor and with shout For death of the grandmother! has unexpectedly struck his hand on the person. According to eyewitnesses, Victor Kress has got a handkerchief, has wiped blood from the broken nose and has easy gone further. As has informed a press - the secretary of the governor Andrey Ostrov, now Victor Kress feels normally, to doctors did not address and has already returned to execution of the duties .

Sergey Zajkova have detained at once. As have informed in a press - service of investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Tomsk region, the legal expert has been delivered 1 in department of militia. However there the arrested person has declared feeling sick, and it have brought to city hospital 3. Inspection has not revealed any deviations in health, and mister Zajkova again delivered in militia department. at present Sergey Zajkov is detained, concerning it investigatory actions " are spent; - Elena Lebedev has informed the representative of investigatory management.

Sergey Zajkov is known in Tomsk as the public figure and the legal expert. Since 2006, becoming the participant of movement Incorporated civil front (OGF) Harry Kasparov, he actively was engaged in the organisation of meetings, pickets and hunger-strikes.

as it was possible to find out , history, from - for which Sergey Zajkov has made an attack on Victor Kressa, has occurred in September, 1999 during governor`s elections. Then mister Kress in the third time stood on a region post of the head. During election campaign on apartment at Sergey Zajkova night searches have been spent some. In the blog the legal expert in March of last year has written that militia without a presentation of the warrant and without understood searched in its apartment ostensibly for dynamite. However, without having found an explosive, has withdrawn some boxes with the leaflets directed against Victor Kressa. According to the legal expert, as a result of militian show at living together with it 86 - summer grandmother Rufiny Zajkovoj there was a hypertensive crisis, and in one and a half month she has died. Sergey Zajkov considers that the order on the action with searches has been given from a selective staff of Kressa which was headed by Vladimir Zhidkih supervising three elective campaigns of the Tomsk governor. In 2003 Vladimir Zhidkih became the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and in 2005 - the senator from the Tomsk region. After searches Sergey Zajkov repeatedly publicly named misters of Kressa and Liquid murderers but for it has been never made answerable.

yesterday to receive Sergey Zajkova`s comment it was not possible, its mobile phone has been disconnected. The co-ordinator of regional branch OGF Ivan Tjutrin has informed that Sergey Zajkov basically took part in street actions of movement . As he said, mister Zajkov the person disputed enough which besides lately periodically is in a depression . Ivan Tjutrin explains such condition of the legal expert attack consequences on it the day before Russian - the German summit with participation of the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and German chancellor Angela Merkel who have taken place in Tomsk in April, 2006. Then two unknown persons in masks have cruelly beaten Sergey Zajkova in baseball bits.

according to Vladimir Zhidkih, behaviour of the legal expert absolutely keeps within actions of the political extremist and not quite mentally healthy person . Zajkov it is exact with the same absurd charges in murder of its grandmother pursued me during all elective campaign in the State Duma of Russia in 2003 during my performances in Tomsk - the senator has declared yesterday.

yesterday concerning Sergey Zajkova criminal case on p.1 item 318 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (" has been brought; Application of violence, harmless for life and health, concerning the representative of the power in connection with execution of the functions by it ).