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Deficiency has returned to the Ministry of Finance

After proficiency in January, 2010 in February the federal budget is executed with deficiency in 8,6 % of gross national product. Under the data of the Ministry of Finance published yesterday, following the results of first two months deficiency has made 195 mlrd rbl., or 3,2 % of gross national product. The accruing negative balance of state treasury speaks stably high state expenses against stagnirujushchih incomes to which are not helped any more by rising in price oil.
the Ministry of Finance has summed up execution of the federal budget in January - February, 2010. Incomes of first two months have made 1,3 trln rbl., expenses - 1,5 trln rbl., a budgeted deficit - 195 mlrd rbl., or 3,2 % of gross national product.

modest deficiency of January - speaks February January a bonus from the Central Bank which in the beginning of year has listed to the Ministry of Finance 100 mlrd rbl. of incomes of management of means of reserve fund and fund of national well-being for 2009. From - for it, and also from - for traditional in January with its considerable quantity of the days off the first month of year the Ministry of Finance has closed reductions of expenses with formal proficiency in 3,1 % to monthly gross national product. In February become habitual since November, 2008 the separation of expenses from incomes has returned - following the results of the past month deficiency has made 8,6 % of gross national product. In 2009 monthly deficiency fluctuated in limits from 4 to 16 % of gross national product. For 2010 its size is confirmed at level of 6,8 % of gross national product - thus, the February indicator already advances the conditional schedule of increase of deficiency.

Will be explained it by stably high state expenses and rather modest incomes of the budget. In February expenses have made 852 mlrd rbl. (in January 2010 - go - 650 mlrd, in February, 2009 - 691 mlrd). From 570 mlrd rbl. of February incomes 301 mlrd rbl. had on oil and gas receipts, 269 mlrd - on other. Gathering from oil and gas on the stable prices for raw materials do not grow any more - an order 300 mlrd rbl. Gathered in the budget all last months. Other incomes of federal state treasury in February (259 mlrd rbl.) have fallen even in comparison with crisis February, 2009 (283 mlrd rbl.). In comparison with an average index of incomes of the second half of the year 2009 (373 mlrd rbl.) This indicator looks and is at all pitiable.

in the Ministry of Finance it (unified social tax) which this year was transformed to the insurance payments collected by off-budget funds independently explain loss for the federal budget 500 mlrd rbl. of the uniform social tax. However monthly unified social tax filled up state treasury no more than on 40 mlrd rbl., and one loss of this tax of a problem of not oil and gas incomes not to explain. The low sums of receipts can testify to stagnation continuation in economy of the Russian Federation - we will notice that from the beginning of 2010 of former theses about presence of signs of revival in economy high-ranking officials any more do not put forward.

the federal tax service in February, 2010 has collected 242 mlrd rbl. that is its worst indicator since June, 2009 (a monthly average indicator of gathering for 2009 has made 250 mlrd rbl.) . Not better a situation with gathering at Federal customs service. In the budget the customs has involved 296 mlrd rbl. at monthly average value 2009 293 mlrd rbl. Thus, according to the Ministry of Finance, the average price of the Russian oil of mark Urals in January - February, 2010 ($74,33 for barrel) considerably exceeded its average value as a whole for 2009 ($61,06 for barrel). It seems that to the budget already does not go for the future and expensive oil.