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The militiaman has won smoking

the Employee of sobering-up station of Tchapaevsk is suspected of the beating which has entailed death of the arrested person. According to the investigation, the militiaman has struck 32 - summer townsman Oleg Zykova a foot in a stomach from - that that has lighted in chamber. Next day mister Zykov has died in city hospital from - for rupture of a spleen and blood loss. Except mister Zykova for last three months in area sobering-up stations two more persons have died. Legal experts consider that militiamen should be punished in all three cases.

the Novokuybyshevsk investigatory department of SOU SKP across the Samara region has brought accusation to the employee of a sobering-up station (his name is not disclosed) with Tchapaevsk on ch. 3 items 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Excess of powers of office with application of violence and causing of heavy consequences “) and ch. 4 items 111 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Deliberate causing of heavy harm to the health, entailed on imprudence death of the victim “) . According to the investigation, in the night from 25 for January, 26th the suspect has detained in Tchapaevsk in the street Volodarsky 32 - summer Oleg Zykova and delivered it in sobering-up station. “ there Zykov has lighted in chamber, from - for it the suspect has kicked the arrested person in a stomach “ - tells a press - the secretary of SOU SKP Elena Sheyin. Already late at night the person on duty of a sobering-up station has caused for mister Zykova “ First aid “. In hospital doctors ascertained at suffered plural ruptures of a spleen and massed krovopoterju. Next day, on January, 27th, he has died in hospital. “ now the suspect is detained, the question on its arrest " is solved; - Sheyin`s madam has noted. Articles of the Criminal code which are made to the militiaman, provide punishment in the form of imprisonment till fifteen years.

it not the first case of death in sobering-up stations of the Samara region for last three months. However criminal cases have not been raised in other cases. On March, 16th in Tolyatti has died 53 - the summer townsman whom militiamen have detained in 18. 30 in the street. As have noted in the Autofactory Department of Internal Affairs of Tolyatti, the detained man has independently proceeded in the militian car. Under the version of militiamen, on road the man began to complain of feeling sick. “ when the car has approached on a sobering-up station, the medical assistant already in the car began to render to the arrested person the first pre-medical help, however its condition worsened, - confirm in the Autofactory Department of Internal Affairs. - arrived to a sobering-up station in 19. 20 brigade “ First aid “ has examined the citizen and ascertained his death. Physical injuries and external signs of violent death at the man it was revealed not “. Now the corpse of the man is sent for examination for an establishment of a cause of death. The Department of Internal Affairs inspects. On February, 12th also in Tolyatti in sobering-up station the townsman has died. Its militiamen have found out at night near to a public transport stop in Seaside parkway and delivered in spetsuchrezhdenie. In the morning, confirm in the Autofactory Department of Internal Affairs, during detour of chamber the medical assistant has found out that the condition of the man has worsened. The arrived brigade “ First aid “ ascertained his death. “ in view of that also check was spent, - have noted in the Department of Internal Affairs. - on the medicolegal investigation conclusion, the man has died from - for poisonings with poor-quality alcohol. At it heart " has stopped;.

the Chairman of inter-regional human rights organisation “ Agora “ Pavel Chikov considers that at case investigation in Tchapaevsk there should not be difficulties and business will be finished to court. “ the situation classical, anybody challenges nothing, - mister Chikov believes. - the Police officers having high patrons, seldom work in sobering-up stations “. Thus the legal expert has noted, as in other cases, in its opinion, criminal cases should be raised. “ police officers train in first-aid treatment and to define, whether it is necessary, - he speaks. - in the first case obviously that they should carry it in hospital, instead of in sobering-up station. In the second case within night medical aid, despite presence of the medical assistant has not been rendered the person. I see in all these facts if not a negligence, occasions to a disciplinary responsibility. However the consequence has actually been changed by internal check “.

In 2010 Pavel Chikov has counted more than ten cases of  destruction of citizens of Russia in sobering-up stations. We will remind, last loud case has occurred in the beginning of January in Tomsk when the militiaman has cruelly beaten local journalist Konstantin Popova who has died in two weeks in hospital. Of beating of the journalist it is accused 26 - the summer militiaman of sobering-up station Alexey Mitaev. After scandal the head of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Tomsk region Victor Grechman has been discharged of a post. Pavel Chikov doubts that incident in sobering-up station of Tchapaevsk will entail personnel cleanings in the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. “ in region the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs till now is not appointed (the former head of department Alexander Rejmer in August, 2009 became director FSIN. - „“), - the legal expert speaks. - and with fulfilling duties demand small. As the resignations similar Tomsk, are political decisions, instead of legal “. Now duties of the chief of a central board are executed by the former first deputy of mister Rejmera Vyacheslav Kuzmin. It name as one of applicants for a vacant place.