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The American company is accused of transfer of military technologies of Russia

the Federal authorities of the USA have accused company Rocky Mountain Instrument Co. (RMI) in illegal transfer of the American military technologies to Russia, South Korea, China and Turkey. According to the authorities, the company nesanktsionirovanno sold the optical military goods used by armed forces of the USA in these countries.
US authorities have declared that RMI carried out deliveries of military goods without the permission of Gosdepa of the USA. Unapproved transactions have been executed during the period between April, 1st, 2005 and on October, 11th, 2007. As a result of actions of the company Russia, China, Turkey and South Korea have received samples of the optics used by armed forces of the USA, and also the technical information necessary for their manufacture. The optical components taken out to another countries have been made on confidential American technology. US authorities have not specified, whether national safety of the country thus has been threatened.

a press - service RMI has informed that now the company management solves, whether to admit the fact of infringement of the law. The company is going to be defined with the position within 45 days. If RMI recognise as guilty of illegal business the company should pay to the state the received income at a rate of $1 million

incident Investigation it was spent by the special commission at the Ministry of Defence of the USA, investigating complicity to terrorism, military espionage and illegal trade in military technology. The commission has noticed that management RMI actively co-operated with the investigation.

company Rocky Mountain Instrument has been based in 1957 in the State of Colorado. Its head office settles down in the city of Lafayette of the State of Indiana. The company is engaged in manufacture of the optical equipment, including lenses for the laser. Production RMI is used not only in the weapon, but also in medicine and in the space industry.