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Oleg Chirkunov has suggested Legislative Assembly to decide destiny of the atomic power station

In the today`s message the head of Prikamye Oleg Chirkunov has mentioned a building question in territory of the Perm edge of an atomic power station (atomic power station). the Decision on that to build or not to build in the Perm edge of the atomic power station, our descendants can accept in ten years. But we will deprive of their choice if the Perm atomic power station does not appear in the scheme of placing of the Russian atomic engineering. At us an every prospect, we have prepared all necessary documents. As the chief executive I has executed the work, the decision is prepared. But we miss this chance as a result of political gamble - has declared g - n Chirkunov. We will remind, now concerning the minister of town-planning Alexander Kudojavtseva criminal case is brought. Law enforcement bodies consider that its department has wrongfully spent more than 30 million rbl. from the budget for researches on the atomic power station. Oleg Chirkunov has suggested to accept to Legislative Assembly a critical decision on behalf of a society about work continuation on occurrence of the Perm atomic power station in the scheme of placing of atomic engineering or to refuse such possibility .