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Collection Datejust II Perpetual Rolesor Rolex

Hours Datejust Perpetual Rolesor, created more 60 years ago, nowadays one of the most recognised models in ruler Rolex. Their technical basis is invincible and mighty an oyster tight, waterproof the design of the case for the first time presented by company Rolex in 1926. In 1931 to oyster the hour design which fairly is considered one of the most considerable in the XX-th century (on the second place, in our opinion, can put Reverso Jaeger - LeCoultre), has been added also a mechanical element is Perpetual rotor, the first self-got mechanism with a free rotor.

definitively hours have been completed only in victorious 1945 - m when there was model Datejust, classical hours from Roleksa with oyster Design, Perpetual rotor inside and the characteristic charming full-eyed window of date placed on 3 hours . Almost at once from strict and technogenic by sight families Datejust Perpetual one more baby bird - Datejust Perpetual Rolesor hatched also, the model, which furnish of elements was more decorative and design, than at its colleagues.

hours from updated line Datejust II Perpetual Rolesor are lineal descendants of hours of the end 1940 - h years (the index of double Roman figure added in the name testifies to it). Offering today such, in effect, enough vintage product, Rolex plays the most trend nowadays a field: the tendency to create a remark to revive classical and anniversary models as has shown passed in Geneva in January Salon of high hour art, is still improbably strong.

it well-known that Rolex extremely carefully and scrupulously approaches to own heritage. Any innovations, both in design questions, and in technical searches before to be admitted in manufacture at factories Rolex in the Geneva suburb the Plan - climbed - White, pass numerous coordination. It is possible even to say that any other hour company of Switzerland does not aspire to such closeness and does not behave so conservatively, as Rolex. But such care is a strategic part of ideology of the great, crowned mark. After all in Rolex really believe that their hours the client will carry all life on a hand that they will serve the person who has faithfully and fairly chosen them - both on a land, and on the sea, both in air, and in mountains, and on an automobile line, and in an auditorium. However, similar thick-headed and unshakable hour belief at all do not oblige to have in a personal collection only one model Rolex. At all similarity (we will repeat that in any hours Rolex as a basis lies oyster Design which provides not only technical specificity, but also design features) hours Rolex all - taki rather different.

this year Rolex represents four new variations man`s Datejust II Perpetual Rolesor (diameter of the case - 41 mm) and three female versions (diameter - 36 mm). The rate is made on a combination in one model of two and more metals, for example white gold and yellow, pink and white. The trend bikolor - two-colour combinations in hour cases, and also in bracelets - has lifted again a head at the Basel exhibition of 2009. Popularity of a trend, on the one hand, speaks economy necessary today: the most running two-colour models are created from the democratic steel so claimed in economical 1990 - h, and also from expensive gold, mainly pink and yellow colours. On the other hand, bikolor allows hour marks not only decently and adequately to save (not in case of Rolex - the mark did not begin to use steel elements) but also to do former models fresher and decorative, without resorting thus to radical changes.

except bikolora design innovations have concerned registrations of dials: black, green, silver tone, and also new ornaments giloshirovanija here prevail. Besides, female models have received also new drawing diamond pavazha on a case rim. And all the same it seems that almost has changed nothing in these svezhevylovlennyh oysters . And this impression not so - that also is deceptive, after all it is a question about roleksovoj philosophies of the stability generating almost eternal hour products.